Best Skateboard Decks 2017 Reviews With Comparison Chart

Looking for the Best Skateboard Deck? The skateboard is made of many parts but obviously if we talk about most important part that is skateboard deck. This is largest part of a skateboard. The skateboard deck is the flat board on which you stand while crushing or skating. Skateboard deck is made up of material like plastic, bamboo, and maple wood. Choosing a good deck skateboard is little bit difficult task because it is very import part of this.

The length, width and materials, of your longboard deck determine what type of skateboard is you are willing to buy. The deck of skateboard is available in various varieties of sizes, shapes, weights, colors, design and patterns.

Best Skateboard Decks Comparison Chart


Top 5 Best Rated Skateboard Decks Reviews

Bamboo Blank Skateboard Deck

The Bamboo Blank Short Skateboard deck was awarded as the best deck for skateboard of the year in 2012 by many reputed online magazines. So, there shouldn’t be any hesitation to say that it is one of the top blank skateboarding decks on the market. It is a short board of pro level with a low price. As it has an excellent stiffness, so this Bamboo Skateboard deck is suitable for both lightweight & heavyweight riders. No matter if you are a beginner or expert skateboarder, you can get very good control & stability on this deck.Best Skateboard Decks

Features :

  • Made of Bamboo. Studies proved that bamboo deck’s strength and pop is better than any other pro model skateboards.
  • A manufacturer survey reported that these Bamboo decks last average 3 weeks longer than any other pro skateboard decks brands.
  • These decks contain 3 layers of bamboo & 3 layers of wood which offer them better flexibility with excellent stiffness.
  • These decks have a deep concave & a good pop. So, you can get perfect control & stability while doing hard tricks & breaks.

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Blank Plain White 7.5 Skateboard Deck

Blank White 7.5 Skateboard Decks are cosmetic blem 7-Ply professional quality longboard decks which are made for Plan B Skateboards. These white cool skateboard decks were manufactured in North America, pressed from Northern Hardrock Maple all milled & spec’d in the USA and laminated with a Franklin 2-part Glue system. Top ply of the blank skateboard deck is stained and may have a possible patched spot. These skateboards come with a detached grip tape. Bottom of the deck is Natural. There is no color stain on its bottom.Cool Skateboard Decks

Features :

  • As these are cosmetic blem 7-Ply cool skateboard decks, so this Blank longboard deck is very stiff to hold heavyweight riders. If you have more weight, then you don’t have to worry about this.
  • The amazing feature of this Deck is that, it is one of the cheapest Blank longboard deck on the market, but performance is very good as compared with other expensive skateboard decks brands.
  • Strong & Durable. If mostly your skateboard breaks, then this skateboard is the best solution for you and the riders who always break their boards.
  • The nose & tail of the skateboard are steep enough and designed for providing you with a good pop. This makes these decks a best skateboard decks for pop, cruising & performing tricks.

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Enjoi White Spectrum 8.0 Skateboard Deck

If you are looking for a new skateboard, Enjoi White Spectrum 8.0 Skateboard Deck is a best option for you. This skateboard has the rainbow logo on the bottom of the deck. It has a very slick, very compact and eye-catching design. It is made up of 7-piles solid Canadian maple, so it is very hard to snap. This skateboard has a width of 8 inches and a length of 31.75 inches, therefore it is easy to learn flip tricks using this board. These longboard decks are good for people of all ages, for beginners as well as professional skaters.Best Skateboard Deck Brands


  • Eye-Catching Design. It has a very sleek, compact and eye-catching design. The Enjoi Skateboard deck has a rainbow logo on its bottom, which makes it so attractive.
  • Single press 7-ply Construction. It is made up of solid single press 7-ply Canadian maple. The stiff wood of the skateboard is hard to snap.
  • Stable & Durable. As the wood of the product I so hard, so it features stability and durability. It stays with you over a long time.
  • Its major feature is that the brand name is printed on the board, it completely helps you to protect from counterfeits.

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Moose Blank Skateboard Deck

These decks are manufactured by Moose and comes with a detached grip tape. If you are not satisfied with the grip of the deck, you can buy another grip anytime which you are comfortable with. It generally measures 31 inches long and is made with 7-Ply Canadian Maple which is a famous hardwood used in designation of the best skateboards you can ever find for strength and durability. It is one of the popular skateboard deck from all.

Coolest Skateboard Decks

Features :

  • These boards are made of 7-ply Canadian Maple which provides you better strength & durability.
  • The nose & tail of the deck are steep enough and designed for providing a good pop. This makes these decks, a perfect option for cruising & performing tricks.
  • Its Radical U-Concave shape ensures excellent stability even on high-speed.
  • It is one of the coolest skateboard deck on the market, but quality & performance of this deck is incomparable with the decks of other brands.

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Blank Warning Skateboard Deck

Blank Deck Warning Skateboards are 8 inch wide blank skateboard decks that are perfect for the skateboarder who wants quality under his or her feet. These are made with years of experience with quality control that gives you the edge over your friends. You will love the quality of wood of these boards. Because of its good quality, these skateboards have long life time. These are simple in design and are ideal for every skill level from beginner to pro and these are also great for aggressive skaters. As it is full size and light weight skateboard, so anyone above 13 years can use it comfortably. It generally measures 7.5 by 31 inches and weighs a mere 2 pounds.Skateboard Decks Reviews

Features :

  • These are super smooth & unblemished. Artwork of these boards is Perfect. If you want to paint your deck yourself, you just need to sand the deck.
  • Boards are made of 7-ply Canadian Maple, so these decks are very stiff to hold heavyweight riders. So if you have more weight, then you don’t need to worry. The wood of the product is so stiff.
  • These have amazing concavity with good pop and double kick tail . If you are aggressive skater and want to do tricks with your board, you can do any trick with perfect control.
  • Strong & Durable. If mostly your deck board breaks then this deck is the best solution for you and the riders who always break their boards.

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Choosing A Style of Top Quality Skateboard Deck


Shortboards and penny boards are the shortest style board and are designed and shaped for getting air and performing tricks. This boards are specially designed for children upto 5 years. There are many many color, designs are available in market according to your child choice. If your child is beginner in a skates towards street or park skating, then choosing the best skateboard decks for street will be a perfect match for your child.


Cruiser boards often have kicktails, but are more designed for simply cruising around. It is generally considered type of longboard. The deck of this is typically is of is generally made of looser and higher trucks, for improve feature of turnability and softer wheels which provide it grip. Cruisers are maneuverable and versatile, making them good for cruising on streets.

Old School

Old school skateboard decks typically have a flat kicktails and also deck size is thinner than others. They are usually asymmetrical, with a wider nose. Old school skateboard decks are best choice for skating pools, parks, ramps or carving the streets. Mostly old school skateboard decks are made with elegant design and shape.


If you looking skateboard for stunts and tricks then longboard is not a great option. These longboard decks are normally used to push and transporting purpose around college campus, street, and `Some long board decks are specially designed for downhill racing. These longboard decks tend to have a symmetrical shape, wheel cutouts and sit lower to the ground, which allow larger wheels to be used.

How To Choose The Top Ranked Skateboard Deck

Let’s know the good quality skateboard deck feature when you go to the market to buy. The skateboard deck is the actual wooden or plastic board itself. It is a flat or long board on which you stand on when playing skateboarding. Various online market place offers a selection of perfect longboard decks in a variety of sizes, weight, shape and color patterns and design. Skateboard decks are available in various size but most are between 7″-10 inches, and are made of either bamboo, carbon fibre, plastic, seven-ply wood, resin, carbon fiber or plastic. Selection of the right longboard deck is best of your choice depends on your preference & budget.

Skateboard Deck Brand Preference & Your Budget

  • Width – What width skateboard deck should I get? The average width of a skateboard deck is 7.5″- 8.25 inches. Width is determined by the size of the rider and the type of riding. Bigger riders, vert ramps and skating ramps typically choose a wider deck. Street skaters and normal riders usually choose a smaller deck. It is better to choose a superior longboard deck according to width not lengh.
  • Length – Choosing a length of longboard deck plays important role in skateboarder ride. The perfect length of skateboard the more ride will be comfortable. The length of the skateboard is measured from the top of the nose to the bottom of the tail of skateboard. Average length of longboard is present in market is 28″- 32″ but length is only referred to by advanced skaters.
  • Wheelbase – The wheelbase is the distance from one pair of inner mounting holes to the other inner pair. The average wheelbase is 13″-15″, and again, the choice is depend upon the rider what he/she want.
  • Nose & Tail – The nose and tail of skateboard look like similar. For some skaters the nose and tail have same angle and they can skate either way. But some skateboards are available in market which have different nose and tail which make it different. Most skateboards have nose with special bright colored hardware on it Also, some skateboards decks have a bigger kick on the nose and mellower kick on the tail. Other identification of nose and tail is that if the end of skateboard is smaller then it is tail and larger part is nose.
  • Ply – Ply is upper shining surface of board. Or when you looking at the side of the longboard deck, thin layers of maple veneer are visible. Combination Layers of the woods in a specific pattern creates a stronger board than a single solid piece of wood. The typical skateboard consist a seven-ply.
  • Concave – The section of the board between the nose and tail curves up slightly on the sides. The concave gives the rider more control and increases the skateboard’s strength.

Skateboard Deck Size ChartSkateboard Deck Size Chart

Top Rated Skateboard Deck Material

Canadian Maple

Canadian maple wood decks is the industry highest standard and its vast majority of deck is made from this wood material. However, it is also called as “maple” the deck is typically manufactured in China and this wood little bit slightly softer. This is more common among the skateboard deck made in cheap cost, and most pro brands or higher end blanks are typically made 100% Canadian maple. In my choice, the difference between Canadian maple and Chinese maple decks is little bit difference and in many cases a Chinese deck may be cheaper and better choice for you if you have a spent less or tend to go through decks very quickly.


Some newer and good skateboard brands are now making their decks from bamboo wood. It’s supposed to be lighter, stronger and superior quality than Canadian maple. Many customers are using this type of deck material and giving good reviews about this, so this type of skateboard deck can be good for you if you are fanatic to buy a something a new and you want the lightest deck available.

Carbon Fiber

In the earlier time, if we see mostly of skate decks being totally or partially manufactured from carbon fiber or other metal materials instead of solely wood. These decks typically more durable and superior than regular wooden decks and they have not problem of chipping or breaking like mostly board made from wood. The disadvantage of these materials is that they tend to feel “stiffer” than traditional wooden decks and experienced skaters and beginners skaters feel they are heavier and difficult to do tricks on. Carbon fiber skateboard decks are also more costlier, but this additional cost may be worth it you tend to break decks very easily. Some good skateboard deck brands also offer warranties or guaranty against breakage under normal conditions for carbon fiber skateboard decks if you are worried about breakage.

Number of Ply’s

Most skateboard decks are made up of 7 “plys” combination of woods press together. Some brands available in the market may have slightly more or less for lighter or more durable options, but 7 is pretty much the standard number and this type of decks are very stiff to hold a weight of heavy weight riders. Mostly good quality of longboard decks are 7 ply and it comes upto 9”plys” board but they are little bit costlier than other boards available. But you don’t take too much worry about this, unless or until you see a deck on your hands.

Pro Skateboard Deck

A pro skateboard deck is simply a deck board, which has the riders name on it. This board can be little bit hard to make out because of the graphics/design/font, but it’s always there, somewhere, and it helps to know what name you’re looking out for. Pro skateboard is normally 8 inches long. These boards are mostly available in market material 0f Canadian maple.This type of board are available shape of concave. This product is best for beginners level to professional skaters. Because of good design, best quality product this make it most selling product in market.


Quality and durability of skateboard depend upon how much you are spend on it and which brand of skateboard your are buying. The more reputed brand, the more durability and quality will be.

Best Selling Skateboard Deck Brands


The enjoi brand skateboard is quality and durable product in the history of skateboard. The iconic panda logo with beautiful color and design give a great look and fabulous artwork. The is great brand skateboard is available nearly $50 to $52 price.

Bird House

Birdhouse brand is created by tony hawk and it is classic reputed brand in skateboard manufacturing. These skateboard is also manufacturing many shapes skateboard like old school cruisher, longboard decks, and penny boards.


This founder of Powell-Peralta brand is George powell in 70’ is iconic brand in skateboard industry. It offers a great old school cruisher combined with modern technique. These great design skateboards are available in approximately $60 to $70 price range.

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Common Skateboard Deck Problems & How To Avoid Them

Nose/Tail Deck Chipping

You all know skateboarding is a tricky hobby. The wear and tear problem is common if you are using a skateboard for long period of time.

The wooden board or deck upon which the skater stands, may crack problem, chip, and it can wear down. The longboard deck consist of layers of wooden laminated together. These layers can crack or separate that process is called delaminating and chip with past over time. These board become out of balance. Broken, Warped, and cracked decks do not provide a good performance ride. Rider can repair minor damages instead of buying a new board.

If your deck is chipped or cracked :

  1. Use putty scraper to remove grip tape on board. Remove dust from surface of deck until it clean.
  2. When the epoxy is appropriately applied, to close the crack, or fill your chip. Let the epoxy board dry for 24 hours.
  3. Smooth the crack or chip with sandpaper.
  4. Take test ride to ensure that board move smoothly.
  5. Reapply your grip tape.

Pressure Cracks Around Trucks

Pressure crack can be found around truck when you are using a skateboard for a long period of time. The other reason of found pressure crack due to poor quality of skateboard.

It can be just splitting of the resin on the top sheet, but this problem can worst. Your wooden board get completely damaged but you can minimized this by before it gone damaged.

How To Avoid Skateboard Deck Problems

Usually the bolt heads should put such way a way in deck meaning they head is shaped like an upside-down cone.

Screwing these bolt in deck in such way that it will create creates outward splitting pressure. After done this rolled up piece of griptape.

Skateboard Deck Warping

The performance of deck is also measured by factor how warped it is, and it also depends on whether all four wheels touch the ground when you ride on it. To test this put something heavy weight material on the deck, and then look it over to see if the wheels are aligned correctly if you look deck properly stand on the floor; if they’re not, or one wheel is lifted, then the wheels may “crab” when you’re riding the deck, and that could be responsible for any mishappening.

To fix this problem, follow the following steps :

Step 1 : Tools & Material

  • 2 light duty clamps.
  • solid length of material (to be used as a lever)
  • An industrial heat gun
  • weighted object like Gallon of glue or brick etc

Step 2 : Identify Where The Warp Start

Sometimes this can be tricky task because warps can be different. It may start at from nose to tail, or there may be two entirely different warps happening in between the board.

Step 3 : Heat Affected Areas With Gun

Heat the affected areas with the heat gun for near about 5-10 minutes. This will reactivates the glue in between your layers of veneer, and allow you to bend the board back straight position when the glue sets.

Counter The Warp With Weight & Heat

Clamp one side of your deck to a solid surface like floor or table, and place a other end side to the overhanging position after then place the weighted object onto the extended length of wood to act as a cantilever to bend your board back straight. When your board looks like it is in a stable position, leave it clamped and weighted for at least a few hours to let the glue reset.

Razor Tail

In a “razor tail” problem when the edges of tail of the skateboard deck becomes sharpened and scraping the tail of your skateboard on the ground make it difficult to ride. When your skateboard deck gets razor tail, it becomes a sharp weapon against you and anyone can hit with a sharpened tail which is very painful. To avoid this from misshappening, you can go with a carbon fiber deck that may be more resistant to ride, but it is important not to scrap your tail.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will The Deck Last?

Everyone want to ask this question how long their skateboard deck will work. They are right. A coolest skateboard deck is good in quality and kept out of the rain and wet, extreme heat and ridden by someone who is beginning in this sport and learning how to ride. This is also actually depend on your ride style, if you drag its tail or do board slides all time, the board will wear out very sooner.

Kicktail or No Kicktail?

The kick tail is the upwards bent tip at the end of the board and makes it easier to do turns and tricks. you see a kicktail on both ends of the board and they provide maneuvering speed. There are many boards available in market with a kicktail as well as one without a kicktail. Without a kicktail that would be nearing impossible to perform stunts or tricks. Many tricks involve using the kicktails and they add so much fun.

How To Maintain The Deck

As like other things there is also need of maintenance of skateboard deck. As you know skateboard is collection of many components and sometimes there is need of adjustment of these components according to your comfortability.

Maintenance of Wheels

the most important part of skateboard is wheels. To keep moving at top speed, regular service should be done of wheels whenever it starts to blind. The nuts or bolts of wheels should tight time to time. So that wheels speed don’t effect. And broken or crack wheels should replace with new once so that not mishappening take place.

Maintenance of Trucks

The tightness of trucks controls speed and make it easy to turn. You can adjust your trucks depending how tight or loose you like to skate.

Maintenance of Bearings

Bearing of wheels also effect the speed of skateboard. To keep run smooth and proper speed the maintenance of bearing is need. The bearings of wheels should be cleaned with lubricated or cleaned


The deck is very important component of skateboard. The first choice is to choose a right skateboard deck which you can do by reading the above skateboard deck reviews. Millions of skaters skateboard daily for fun and transportation activities. Some are make stunts on stairs grill and some prefer as cruishing down the street. And after the become a experience rider they skates it in very confidence. With the dedication and patience anyone can master of this game.

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