Beginner Skateboarding Tips & Tricks

This is going to be mostly about reviews and buying guides, but also some skateboarding tips. Posting on this website I will put up many reviews but this is just going to be a generalization. Now to pick a skateboard your going to need some tips,  like what store to start at. Well try to start online. Go to the online store that you chose and browse different types of skateboards with different sizes. Try to start with size of board then choose brand name (you want to start with a more mainstream one), and then the graphics.Now that you have done that go into your local board shop and ask for advice and measure completes (already made decks) or measure just decks, you will probably want to buy online since it is a bigger database. Although you are probably buying online you still need to measure your sizes an maybe chose your favorite brand name.

Skateboarding Tips

Now I prefer almost, good wood, and Canadian maple (blanks), but try not to start with those chose your own, later on you might be able to skate all decks and get blanks (canadian maple) blanks are companies that make default boards without any graphics. The next thing you need to know is buying grip tape:not really too many brands, I usually use the default or black magic & Jessup, maybe you want to choose some kind of graphic one it does not matter as long as they aren’t trying to sell you paper without sand. For wheels you will want to buy autobahns, rictas, or bones not listen in any ranked order all about the same I get 52 mm bones usually as they are cheap and good.

Skateboarding Tips And Tricks

I think the 2 most important parts are trucks and bearings so I saved them for last. For trucks, its usually either Tensors, Independents or Thunders sometimes. I get a fancy brand or some destructos but I usually stick to Tensors. Bearings are a little harder because they are so small yet such a big part but the best ones are bones swiss ceramics, china bone reds, and reds. I stick to reds but feel free to pick any of those. Now you have completed your board great job now all you have to do is install. This is pretty simple, get your dad to help or go into the local shop and have them help you. the only tough part is the bearings. Some stores let you get a complete deck online which means you pick the components and they make the board, its up to you what you chose to do.

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