Safe & Secure Shoes For the High Octane Skating

As skateboarding gets popular and more widespread, shoe makers have been quick to seize this opportunity to tap into the fresh market base. The result is a skater is deluged by a large number of shoe skates that are colorful, stylish with all of them claiming to protect the wearer from injuries.

Buried under all these mounds of stylish shoes is one unshakable fact. The purpose of a shoe is to protect yourself from injuries. They should be built to absorb the stress, minimize frictions and save you from fractures and support you when you execute daring stunts. A good shoe skates do all this and much more.

What Is Your Style?

Style of Skating

A good way to choose your skate shoe is by determining the tricks you will be performing more often.

Aerial skateboarders require a shoe that supports their sole and the heel of their feet.

Ollie is another trick that is executed when the skater jumps by pushing the edge of the skateboard towards the ground or by pushing the nose of the skateboard towards the ground. These jumps are sometimes varied by adding a spin just before the jump. Grind is another trick that requires the skater to scrape one or both of his axles on a railing or other surface. This maneuver needs a flexible shoe providing you a good grip on the board.

Slides with its assorted variations are another tricky to execute on the skates. Not just this, there are many more tricks that you can perform or even invent a new one yourself, but what if you are a beginner? Is it a good idea to buy an expensive shoe from a shoe skates sale to discover that you have lost your appetite for the sport.

In case you are not yet sure of your commitment to skates, it is better advised to buy skate shoes cheap from any second-hand shop or even online. The same criteria apply if you are planning to buy skating shoes for kids the first time.

The beginners and kids alike will be prone to falling, getting bruised and injuring themselves. Wear a helmet, invest in kneepads and elbow pads to alleviate any serious fractures. Having secured yourself, let’s now take a look at the type of shoes you must buy for a fantastic skating experience.

Types of Shoes

Vulcanized and capsules are two varieties of skate shoes. Though both are skate shoes, performers use these shoes for different purposes.

Vulcanizes Shoes

Vulcanized shoes resemble casual footwear with a slimmer look. They are light weight, thinner than the average shoe with high flexibility. There are not snugly cushioned against sudden stress to heels. Vulcanized shoes are usually chosen by the players while executing grinds and slides.

Capsules Shoes

Capsules are thick, well cushioned especially on the heels. It is ideal for skaters who are fond of performing aerials or who love to jump from heights.

Along with this fact, remember to buy the correctly sized kids skate shoes while shopping for your child. The temptation to buy an extra-long skates to meet the future needs of your kid might be strong in you, but remember a ‘spacey’ skates leads to accident and injuries.

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