Landwalker 22″ Light Up Skateboard Review

Landwalker is other fantastic skateboard which is suitable for kids as well as for all other ages. It is equipped with LED lights  which give pleasant look while ride on this. In this superior quality of material is used which  provide it’s good durability. Every board equipped with led  committed to provide customers a good experience. This 22 inch skateboard bring you into a unique skating experience at night, take your board outside the home and observe it’s beauty with  rich colors emit during ride.

Landwalker 22" Light Up Skateboard Review

Specifications of Landwalker Skateboard

  • Material : Polypropylene
  • Dimension : 22*6 inches
  • Weight : 4 lbs
  • Bearing : ABEC-7
  • Wheel : PU 59 mm
  • Truck : Aluminium alloy
  • Wheel : PU 59 mm
  • Maximum Bearing Weight : 200 lbs

Features of Landwalker Skateboard

  • Excellent quality plastic material 22-inch skateboard. Thick aluminum truck, which provide it durability max weight it can bear up to 200 lbs.
  • LED light equipped on skateboard wheels. You can ride  this cruiser skateboard in the day or at night with this LED light up wheels, it will give you good  pleasant experience. This skateboard is available in different  colors variant, and realize  different feeling. There is  suitable for your girl as well as boy child.
  • The skateboard is including a T-shape tool in box  so that you can repair your board anywhere whenever you need.
  • Skateboard is Light Weight and Flexible and made of Polypropylene material, easily potable one place to other, especially for children, it is easier to turn and ride.


  • T-tool color is same with deck of skateboard.
  • Light up skateboard


  • completely assembled skateboard so no need to assemble trucks,decks,wheels etc.
  • Super Smooth  59 mm PU wheels with LED.
  • Light weight and flexible
  • 3 months warranty in case of any problem with this product.
  • The color of skateboard can be little bit different as shown in image because of color quality generated by monitor or display.


Landwalker 22″ Light Up Skateboard is the top ranked skateboard in the market. From the above explained Landwalker skateboard review, you can buy it which has the good quality board as well as perfect in everything.


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