Razor Ripstik Caster Skateboard Review

The Razor Ripstik caster board is very popular  among  younger kids and it fulfills all demands of them .it is easier help to learn hoe to balance and ride. Razor has come out  in various boards and models that  suits your style. It is also manufactured by many brands. It is a lightweight caster board, and since it is manufacture from a single piece, you can easier to perform a stunts, tricks, and flips on this board. One of the good things about this  is caster board is that it is  ideal for solid landings, self-centering and it works like a surfboard on a dry surface. It is Recommended for young children ages between six to twelve to help them with the basics of riding and help children how to  get the hang on it faster so they can be less frustrated while  learning  skateboarding and can do  more enjoy.

Razor Ripstik Caster skateboard Review

Specifications of Razor Ripstik Air Skateboard

  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Color: Blue, pink
  • Dimension: 22*9*4.5 inches
  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Bearing: ABEC-5
  • Wheel: PU 59 mm
  • Truck: Aluminium alloy
  • Wheel: 66 mm urethane wheels
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 175 pounds

Features of Razor Ripstik Air

  • The feature of this top selling skateboard is very impressive. It is made with a ribbed structure and durable plastic, self-centering spring and a well-designed pivoting neck made from a single piece. The unique weight transfer allows you to accelerate and turn without making a push, from on slopes.
  • Another advantage of this board is it is light weight, because a heavy weight caster board makes it harder to do flips. But its one important advantage is that it is light weight as it also has a concave deck, with spiked action pads and kick tail. Overall you can say that these provide you with increased foot control while ride and an absolute essential for performing tricks.
  • Razor ripstik air has 76 mm high-grade urethane wheels and bearing casters gives you  a smooth ride without any difficulty. This caster board is recommended for a child at least 8 years old, and maximum it can support a weight upto 220 lbs. The Razor Ripstik equipped with many of the parts are original and superior quality and you can easily learn to ride, carve, turn and cut. It’s looks is very stylish, and it is suited for all age group people from child to adult.
  • To prevent the wheels from wearing from track and broken out and to prevent an injury of any kind, we recommend keeping this RipStik on a flat ground to ensure safety of your child and the best quality of riding.
  • There have been several information related to kids breaking elbows and arms from of falling from the RipStik. To prevent injuries like these, we recommend purchasing a knee, elbow pads and helmets for protection for children who are just  beginners learning to ride.  Also all children, even if they are perfect to  ride, should wear a helmet,knee and elbow pads.


  • Smaller size it is comfortable for younger kids
  • Superior quality
  • Lighter than original RipStik
  • Easier to balance


  • Wheels wear out easily roady are during ride
  • Takes a while to get used to riding


Razor ripstik castor board is made up with a high quality product material. It is impeccable product for persons who are fanatics for skateboarding. All these aspect made it to top rate selling product.

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