Skateboarding Shoes For Best Skateboard Experience

What is skateboarding without shoes? Torn up feet. That’s why you have to buy the right skateboarding shoes. For shoes though you will probably want to go into a store to see how they feel on you, but its up to you whatever you like better.

Now all shoes wear down it mostly matters what grip you get because you are going to be tearing your shoes up on that while you are popping and flicking. What I can recommend is shoe goo, it helps your skate shoes survive longer when they rip. Remember shoe goo is for gluing the shoe back together not for just randomly placing it on your shoe whenever you feel like it.

Now for the shoe part, usually you wanna pick the skateboarding footwear that has the most grip, is the most comfortable, and is the right height. I usually get high top’s but its your choice, high tops just offer the most protection for me, you don’t know how many times I have rolled or broken my ankle. Of course if you’re just beginning you shouldn’t be worrying as much about rolling or breaking your ankle since you probably wont be doing big jumps in your first couple of months.

Best Skateboarding Shoes

My preferred low top shoe is Emerica Reynolds, and my high tops are Es Taido. Those are my favorite two brand, they might not be the best but they are my type of shoes. There are many other skateboard shoes brands that you should look into such as Fallen, Vans, Glove, Etnies, and Dc. Most people have different opinions on shoes so try to ask people at the store which they like.

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Do not forget to get the right size of shoe. Now you will ask if you are dumb? No, I do not think you are that dumb, but please measure your shoe before you take it home. I have done this about 3 times. I felt very stupid returning it. Make sure the shoes are comfortable you do not want to be skating with blisters on your feet do you. Also I think the most important thing is to keep your shoes in good condition what I mean by that is: your shoes are going to wear down from skating but don’t do stupid things like walk in the rain, snow, or dirt. Of course you do not want wet shoe because your board is going to get wet and that is a big problem.


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