Youth Inline Skates For The Young Skater – Buying Guide For Beginners

Youth Inline Skates refers to those roller blades or skates that are for children just getting started with inline skating.

Children can start inline skating at any age, as long as they are walking and have good balance. Ideally they should be at least 3 years of age, but you’ll know the physical capability of your child, and when they seem ready … get them into a pair of fun inline skates so they can enjoy the sport of roller blading.

How To Buy The Good Inline Skates For Kids – Buying Guide

Choosing the right inline skates for kids will mean the difference between skating at a mediocre level and an optimum skill development. A few factors to consider right off are:

  1. Size: Don’t make the mistake of getting a roller skate that is too big because you want it to last a few more years as the child grows into it. When the child is just learning to skate, having a skate that fits means their foot won’t slip around and he/she can fine tune the motion and turning techniques because they feel the boot against their foot.
  2. Type or Style: Unless your child is already engaged in youth inline hockey skates or speed skates he/she will just need a youth recreational skate to get started. A youth inline recreational with 3 or 4 wheels is a good starter skate. Keep the sport specific skates for when you’ve signed the little athlete up for hockey or inline speed skates for kids.
  3. Price: The cost of youth inline skates doesn’t have to be high. But don’t buy the cheapest pair of skates for your kid either unless the child feels comfortable wearing them.
  4. Ankle Support: A comfortable, high skate boot supports little ankles
  5. Easy Turning Wheels: Sluggish turning wheels is sometimes thought of as a good thing to allow the new skater to move slowly while learning. What usually happens is that the child learns to skate quickly, and is then frustrated by the slowness of her skates.
  6. Brake: A large rear brake.
  7. Easy To Get On/Off: Flexible straps and easy to use clips makes it easy for kids to get the skates on and off.

Youth Inline Skates

Inline Kids Training Skates

A few companies have started putting removable training wheels on their inline skates to help kids learn to balance on the skates and give them the boost of confidence they need to develop skating skills. Then, when your child is ready to skate without extra help, it’s quick and easy to take the training wheels off.

The advantage is that you don’t have to hold your child’s hand while they are getting started, and the more independent child will like getting up on their own two feet right away, and probably has fewer scraped knees. The disadvantage is that the child might start to rely on the training wheels and has to relearn balance on the single row of wheels once the training wheels come off. Personally, I’d go without training wheels.

Where To Purchase The Perfect Youth Inline Skates

You can order youth inline skates online, but make sure you’ve tried the same or similar skates on your child for size and fit before ordering.

And make sure to include the safety gear with your purchase. Get your child started safely right from the start.

There are lots of children’s inline skates on the online market right now. Whether your child is drawn to Barbie® or Little Tikes inline skates, or some pretty pink kids skates, just remember the few tips above and your child will be out having fun, on their own two feet, before you know it. Be sure to review the safety and help tips for young inline skaters to help your child get started.

One last observation is that most kids I’ve watched learn how to ride the youth inline skates much faster than they learn how to ride a two-wheel bicycle. What a great way to get them active earlier. And mom & dad, why not get a pair of recreational inline skates yourself and join your children for a great family outing.

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