Top 15 Adventure Sports You Should Try Before You Turn 30

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Adventure sports, as we know, involve high physical ability and risk. Plenty of options for trying any adventure sports lie in front of us, and many of us have either tried any one form or wish to try any one type of adventure sport in the near future. But, agility, flexibility, and speed are required in the highest amount in a person before trying any adventure sport, which tends to decrease gradually after a certain age. Here, we will discuss some of the most robust and challenging adventure sports around the world which you need to try before entering in your 30s.

Adventure Sports You Should Try

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PARAGLIDING: Paragliding remains the favorite sport among young people than any other. An adventurer is always thrilled imagining the view of the world below while floating through the clouds.

BUNGEE JUMPING: The sport, first popularized in New Zealand, is another sport you cannot miss. It involves a high adrenaline rush and is immensely exciting. James Bond film ‘Goldeneye’ had also used this sport when Bond jumped from a Dam in Russia.

KAYAKING: Many confuse this sport with canoeing, but it’s evident that it is a thrilling adventure sport. One needs to know the paddling techniques in a kayak and needs to sail away. It is exciting and popular among the youth.

GLACIER CLIMBING: It is one of the high-risk adventure sports popular among every continent of the world except Australia. The locations for glacier climbing are not always available and challenging through the year which adds excitement to the sport.

DIRT BIKING: Dirt biking, or Trail biking, is, on the one hand, dangerous but enthralling on the other. It’s a bit expensive than the other sports, but with the help of this sport, you can discover new roads and travel the path less traveled.

SKIING: The favorite winter sport which also gained a spot in the Olympic Games is immensely popular and one of the oldest practiced adventure sport. Many hill stations offer skiing as a major tourist attraction which you can try.

SCUBA DIVING: The most breathtaking of all adventure sports, this involves underwater diving with the help of an apparatus to get a view of the world that lies deep inside the sea. Swimming is not necessary for this adventure, but a training session always helps.

SKATEBOARDING: Gaining high fame in the pop culture, skateboarding has been able to make an identity of its own. Though it is illegal in many Countries, still you can go for skateboarding at different parks, plaza, steps, etc.

SURFING: Surfing means riding over the sea waves and going deeper into the sea. It needs numerous safety measures to follow, but it is exciting in its ways. You need absolute control over the surfing board to make your ride exciting.

MOUNTAIN BIKING: Imagine riding on a bicycle surfing through a rough terrain of a hill or a mountain. That’s precisely how mountain biking works. Highly adventurous and risky at the same time, it is trendy among the youth.

ROCK CLIMBING: This sport has gained immense popularity around the globe and can be practiced on steep walls as well. This sport requires strong physical ability and good mental strength. It is risky but enjoyable at the same time.

RAFTING: Rafting is a team game generally practiced on a rough river course to experience the adventure. The guidelines of the trainer must always be remembered while performing this act. This sport is no less than attempting a dangerous stunt.

FLYING FOX: This is slowly gaining popularity as an adventure sport where one has to travel through a cable with a harness tied to the body. This sport is trendy in the hilly areas.

PARASAILING: Similar to paragliding, in parasailing you get tied with a boat and fly over the waters with the help of a glider. It’s an immensely popular adventure sport which you cannot miss.

ICE SKATING: Ice skating is a popular sport, but it is hard to get hold of. You need to get extensive training before trying this. Ice skating rinks are present in nearly every city where you can try this sport.