Learn How To Longboard In Seven Simple Steps

Longboarding is similar to that of skateboarding and the only difference is that it requires more speed and thrilling experience.In fact, you need not about longboard, helmet, shoes when you start learning longboarding. In addition, longboarding is a lot of fun and is even very good to learn. So before you start your journey make sure that you understand some basic considerations so that it will be easy for you to learn this game quickly. The seven simple steps will help you to learn it.


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Never Forget To Purchase Safety Gears: Even though longboarding is the adventurous sport there are many cases of hurting yourself. So make sure that you buy the helmet, gloves and proper shoes while starting it.

Pick The Right Types Of Longboards: There are different types of Longboards which are not necessarily to be same. Therefore, each of it has its own specialty so you can either prefer long or short one based on your choice. The longboard dimensions may vary from 34 to 50 inches and when you choose short one, it may be around 30 to 33 inches long.

Make Use Of Low Stance: It is very much important to use low stance only if you are a beginner. Because they will teach you how to learn tricks to quickly start enjoying it. Make sure that you never miss the basic stance techniques while you are in the process of learning longboarding.

Are You A Goofy Or Regular Rider: This is something concerned with the way in which you place the foot on the board. Make sure to know what type you are comfortable so that it will be easy to learn.

Practice Makes Man Perfect: It is very difficult to learn quickly, but if you can keep on practicing definitely you will become an expert in longboarding.At the very first time you may not even balance but if you keep on doing it again and again then you will attain balance and perform well.

Learn The Techniques Of Carving And Cruising: In fact, these are the basic techniques that will help you to easily understand how to balance on the board.When you are down the slope then you can try carving with gentle moves. And when you require strong pushes then you can simply try carving.

Try To Push Your Board Forward: Always try to move forward and never concentrate on backward moments. Whenever you focus on backward pushing thing you will subsequently lose balance. Therefore keep focusing on moving forward so that it will easily help you to pick up.


How To Choose The Longboard [Infographic]