When To Replace Skateboard Wheels

When To Replace Skateboard Wheels

A skateboard is a kind of sports equipment which is used mainly for skateboarding sport. It is quite popular among adults as well as kids. This equipment has numerous parts. The skateboard wheels are one among them. Wheels are an essential part of your skateboard set up. It is made up of rubber-like fabric called urethane. Its size and stability concern the smoothness of ride on a skateboard.

The wheels are typically 52mm to 60mm. It has a single ball bearing built. Wheels come with two types such as street wheels, park wheels, and modern wheels. Street wheels are very hard and allow riders to slow down fastly plus store energy when they move while the park wheels usually are made up of softer urethane for better handling and bite. Another is Modern wheel; it is bidirectional which means they attached in either direction. It means if the edges start to wear, you can flip the wheels as well as utilise then on another side. Moreover, the skateboard wheels are attached to trucks by high-quality bolt and bearings to offer free turning movement of the wheels.

Need of wheel

Need Of Wheels In Skateboard

Wheels are not only responsible for skateboard rolling but also keep you on your feet when you attempt on the various environment. They are primarily attached to the axles of the trucks with high-quality hex bolt and eight bearing. It comes in different shapes from 50 to 55mm as well as hardness. It is made from urethane and has stability rating.

The skateboard is made up of three main parts such as deck, wheels, and trucks. The deck is horizontal part on top where you can keep your feet. The trucks are attached to the underneath of the deck. Then the wheels are bolt onto the trucks with bearings for a spin. It comes in various resistance and sizes to assist you custom alter on your ride.

How Long Skateboard Wheels Last

Some skateboard wheels last longer when compared to others. The wheels hardness is measured by durometers. So skateboard wheels last depend on quality, durometer scale, diameter, how much time you skate and what kind of skateboard you have. Also, the surface you stake is also a huge part of how long your wheels last.

If you skate on a smooth surface, then your wheels will last longer. Or else if you skate on wood, then your wheels can continue for a decade. If you have cheap trucks on your wheels, then there is a chance of getting shake due to broken axles.

If you are a downhill skateboarder or used to execute power slides, then you want to restore your wheels more frequently. So it is better to take care of your wheels. By doing this, it will have more lifespan.

Maintenance Of Skateboard Wheel

Replacing your wheels depends on how hard as well as how often you skate. Wheels slowly wear down and decrease in diameter. As well as enlarge flat spots from riding rougher surfaces. So it is better to check your skateboard wheels regularly and replace them whenever needed.

You can swap your wheels every two to three months depending on how you ride on your skateboard. Swapping and rotating your wheels will extend lifespan as well as your wheels will wear out more equally. Follow the tips given below to maintain your skateboard wheel last longer:

Wheel Rotation

Rotating your wheels is one of the most significant ways to enhance the lifetime of your wheels. Sidling one way often causes uneven wear. It is because the weight of your body mainly distributed on one surface of your skateboard. This turns more pressure on one than all others. The best way to fix this is you need to switch small wheels position to the long and vice versa — this aids you to prevent uneven wear and keep all wheels last longer.

Keep Your Slides Under 90 Degree

When you slide your skateboard wheels at 90 degrees, they lean to stop rotating in the slide. If the wheel stops spinning, then continue to another slide of the wheel. It will create a flat spot. When this happens, never permit the wheels to ride smoothly, because it will provide an uncomfortable ride. To prevent this keep your slides less than 90 degrees by keeping your feet down the mount while sliding.

Make Use of Resilient Wheels

It is always better to use resilient wheels on your skateboard because it will give a comfortable ride to riders.

Factors To Look Out When Choosing Skateboard Wheel

The skateboard wheels are one of the most popular parts of the skateboard. The wheels allow individuals to move anywhere quickly. It helps users to determine how speedy they can move.

The skateboard wheels are made up of polyurethane. It is available in different size and colour. You can choose the best wheels which suit your skateboard preference as well as style. Here are a few factors to look out when selecting the skateboard wheel such as:

  • Skateboard Wheel Material

It is essential that you should look out the wheel material before purchasing it. You should choose the Polyurethane wheels that provide long durability.

  • Lookout Wheel Durometer

 You should also consider wheel durometer. The wheel durometer is the measurements of the wheel resistance and hardness to the penetration. Durometer rating is available in different categories with skateboard wheel. You can select the best one which suits your skateboard.


  • Consider Wheel Diameter

When selecting the skateboard wheel, you should look out the wheel diameter. The wheel diameter is measured in mm. It is available in various sizes. So it is essential that you should select the correct diameter for your skateboard wheel.

  • Cost

Cost is an essential factor to consider when purchasing the skateboard wheels. You should compare the price from a different brand and choose an affordable one.

By considering above mentioned factors, you can pick right skateboard wheel easily.