Best Skateboard 2017 Reviews – In-Depth Results & Buying Guide

Looking for the Best Skateboard? Skateboarding is an action sports game for freedom. It is a game which is used for riding and performing stunts using a top quality skateboard. The skateboarding game can also be supposed to be a recreational activity, an art form, a job, or a medium of transportation for a person to take him one place to other within the college campus, street, etc. just for fun and enjoy. Longboarding game is popular among youth that emphasizes to show creativity and individuality on the longboard, which is perfect for them.

Top 4 Longboards For Boys


Krown Rookie Complete Longboard

Are you looking for the skateboard for your loved one for the safest ride? Are you looking for the longboard for beginners of cheap cost for a person who is the beginner in this sport? So we have brought you a great solution for all age peoples who are fanatic of longboarding. We are telling you about a Krown Rookie the world’s leading and international manufacturers in America that brings you huge varieties of the longboards. The Krown Skateboard have a beautiful look and elegant design that should have this for your own. It is a big size skateboard, and its performance is near about same like small size complete longboard. Its design and shape are unique comparatively with other types of the skateboard. It’s 7.5 x 31 inch
Deck is designed in such a way that you can get the comfortable ride without any difficulty. It provides a very balanced ride and offers you a maximum pocket-friendly price range. It is a skateboard for beginners and experience level longboarders and is also very stable.

Best Skateboard


  • Its 31-Inch deck that made of real Canadian Maple wood which is one of the best in the market. So it is capable enough to hold a heavyweight person.
  • It is a bidirectional top mount deck, so you can use its both sides as back panel to do quick turns and tricks. Plus, the deck lowers the center of gravity while riding.
  • The 52 mm Urethane material wheels contain ABEC 5 rated bearings provide super fast with smooth ride even on a rocky street.
  • Its 5-Inch Lightweight Aluminum trucks provide perfect riding performance with better control and acceleration.
  • The coarse black grip tape prevents slippery surface between the deck and rider’s shoes.
  • You can get stunning skating performance with this skateboard for its significant sleek design and high-quality material.
  • The speed of truck is very fast so it is difficult for who wants to ride slowly and beginners in this sport.

KPC PRO Skateboard Complete Krown Blue Flame

Are you an aficionado for longboarding? Do you want a skateboard as your wish? Do you want to do tough task or stunts happen with your longboard? So why are you waiting for buying this type of skateboard? So hurry up! Order today and get yourself on the KPC Pro Skateboard Complete to make an ultimate experience of the smooth ride with this skateboard. This skateboard is designed and manufactured according to your needs. During riding and perform stunts on it forget to mishappen of imbalance and quality if its board. This longboard will give an experience of firm ride because of its smooth graphic Krown wheels. Better turning by the help of assorted havoc trucks give a feeling to you like a flying bird in the sky. It comes with fine black grip tape which make a comfortable for you to slippery while you ride on it. This ultimate longboard is fulfill your all wish and already earned high customer satisfaction.Best Longboard

  • Low in cost
  • Easy to portable because of its lightweight and can put into skateboard bag.
  • Provides smooth,safe and perfect riding.
  • Well-designed shape.
  • Marvelous embossing and graphics design.
  • Less bumpy eve on a rocky ground and street.
  • Its grip tape can be tear if you don’t longer use and with care.

Powell Golden Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

A Powell golden dragon flying skateboard with beautiful design is suitable for a player for beginners and who want to become professional. It is made up of good material and it cover all requirement of every level of skateboarder. It’s high-rebound wheels made of hand-cast polyurethane which give great roll and grip during ride. The longboarder who ride on this feel more confident and comfortable and surely will touch its success of height.

Complete Skateboard

  • This skateboard gives a fast ride experience, with the rider who is up to 200 pounds
  • Wheels are remarkably smooth and speedy.
  • The deck is fully covered with grip tape.
  • Overall durability of this skateboard is amazing
  • This longboard comes with standard instruction CD which is helpful for beginners.
  • Movement of wheels has been slowing over time.

Razor Ripstik Caster Longboard

The Razor Ripstik caster board is very popular among younger kids and it fulfills all demands of them. It is easier to learn hoe to balance and ride. Razor has come out in various boards and models that suits your style. It is also manufactured by many brands. It is a lightweight caster board, and since it is manufacture from a single piece, you can easier to perform a stunts, tricks, and flips on this board. One of the good things about this skateboard is that it is ideal for solid landings, self-centering and it works like a surfboard on a dry surface. It is Recommended for young children ages between six to twelve to help them with the basics of riding and help children how to get the hang on it faster so they can be less frustrated while learning longboarding and can do more enjoy.

Skateboard For Cruising

  • Smaller size it is comfortable for younger kids
  • Quality skateboard
  • Lighter than original RipStik
  • Easier to balance
  • Wheels wear out easily roady are during ride
  • Takes a while to get used to riding

4 Top-Rated Skateboards For Girls


Punisher Cherry Blossom Complete Longboard

Does your daughter like skateboarding? Are you tensed whether she can make properly ride on this? So Punisher Cherry Blossom Complete Skateboard would be the best suitable for your decision. This well designed and pink colored longboard is especially for girls who are fanatic of longboarding. It’s the shortest longboard available in the online marketplace which gives your daughter better-controlling capability and a smooth ride. Its alloy material trucks and Ivory wheels give a comfort ride and great pleasure. As it is shortest in the market, it is suitable for both experts and beginners. This complete top ranked longboard comes with beautiful printed design pink color, durable and hard Canadian Maple wood using in it which is highest quality components available in the market. It is suitable to use by girl age above 8+.because of its shortest size in a market it is best for both beginners and experts.

Where To Buy Skateboards

  • Cheap in cost
  • Small size longboard which can be perfectly controlled.
  • Elegant design with double kick concaves better balance and positioning.
  • Its stylish, colorful graphic attracts everybody, especially female riders.
  • Easy to portable because it is lightweight
  • Smooth in riding and perform stunts.
  • The deck is covered with a coarse grip tape.


  • Fully board is made of superior quality product so there is no any cons.

Rimable Complete 22″ Skateboard

The Rimable complete 22” is one of the most popular skatro mini skateboard. Amazing feature of this skateboard is your child can do skating like a professional skaters with this longboard because of it small size. This skateboard gives a experience of amazing, funny and thrilling ride. Day by day popularity of this product is increasing and its sale is increasing like hot cakes. You child will feel the thrill of skating while skateboarding on it. So if your child think to learn longboarding, you need to purchase a longboard first and it is equipped with all latest technology components. But, there are many kinds of skateboard available in the online portals. Among them, Rimable complete Skateboard is stylish and the cool one and is a great longboard for beginners. It is not only suitable for beginners who are learning longboarding, but also suitable for children who are experience cruisers and travelers. Even, you can buy it for your kid without any worry because it is a lightweight and mini skateboard.

Complete Skateboards For Beginners


  • Perfect for all kids because of its small size
  • Affordable price
  • 100% genius quality
  • Light weight and easy portable
  • Smooth ride
  • Smart and colorful.
  • Have ABEC-7 bearing with high-quality urethane cored.
  • The wheels are big enough to provide the ride steady.
  • Also, this skateboard has the best screw.


  • Some peoples complain that the wheels are little bit not good quality and get nasty quickly so it is not suitable for riding on the more stony road.

Skatro Mini Cruiser 22″ Skateboard

Skatro is mini cruiser skateboard is 22 x 6 inch retro style plastic board.this is exactly like penny board. It is just only a mini cruiser not a typical longboard. Not just, it is much smaller skateboard than a traditional skateboard, but it’s deck is made with a injected mold plastic. The impressive thing with this skateboard is that it is extremely versatile because in ride it behaves like a complete longboard and a skateboard – the perfect hybrid board. while riding on this board, you will be impressed with its smooth ride, fast speeds, and its ability to take turn in quick speed. The durable and robust plastic deck is also capable of performing all types of stunts that you would do on all other longboard. We talk about this Skatro board, the designers at Skatro were very conscientious when designing all the parts of this longboard. All the parts including wheels, trucks, bearings, screws and bolts manufactured from Skatro. Not any component are import from any other companies. In this company the engineers the engineers are full focused on design, style and functionality of the board; that is, all components are compliment each other.

Skateboards For Street Skating

  • East to ride
  • Light Weight
  • Looks like a penny board
  • Cheap in cost
  • No Disadvantage

Landwalker 22″ Light Up Skateboard

Landwalker is other fantastic skateboard which is suitable for for kids,it is equipped with LED lights which give pleasant look while ride on this. This is the superior longboard, as in this, top quality of material is used which provide it’s good durability. Every board equipped with led committed to provide customers a good experience. This 22 inch skateboard bring you into a unique skating experience at night, take your board outside the home and observe it’s beauty with rich colors emit during ride.

Best Skateboard For Beginners

  • completely assembled skateboard so no need to assemble trucks,decks,wheels etc.
  • Super Smooth 59 mm PU wheels with LED.
  • Light weight and flexible
  • 3 months warranty in case of any problem with this product.
  • The color of longboard can be little bit different as shown in image because of color quality generated by monitor or display.

How To Choose The Good Quality Longboards

Like other sports products, there are many types of longboards is available in online store. It’s not an easy errand, especially if you’re a new beginner in skateboarding, but if you analyze properly each of the following options, you will choose the right skateboard that best suits according to your needs.

Skateboard Reviews

  • Price

Price is a major consideration when you buy something. There are many types of Skateboards available in online e-commerce portals which can be cheaper, but it does not mean your decision is to write to purchase the cheapest skateboard. Buy a good quality skateboard which is perfectly designed with good wooden material and wheels. If you are confused about to buy a real skateboard for your loved one’s, make sure the longboard you are buying should not be poorer quality because cheapest cost longboard can be poorer quality and it can harm your child during the ride, so it’s merely depends upon you which longboard is good for your kid.

  • Complete Longboard Set

When you are searching to buy a new skateboard from the online store for your child, make sure that how much money you are willing to spend on it, you will always remain two choices. That is buying a complete skateboard set which is already made from a factory called pre-assembled longboard or assembling a longboard which can you’ve done from different parts according to your need and cost. If you are a beginner in skateboarding choose pre-assembled skateboard is a better option. Choosing a Pre-assembled longboard is an easier task and spare you all the technical specifications. However, if you need to add something new you can do it later.

  • Material

 When you are choosing a skateboard construction of board is a major concern. When you are purchasing it from an online store, carefully read its specification before finally buy it. Canadian Maple is the most common material used in a longboard. The other two most popular materials used to make boards are Baltic Birch plywood and Bamboo. Plastic is also an alternative that is much cost effective and durable and is usually seen in penny boards. There is also fiberglass, and aluminum material skateboards are available in the market. Canadian Maple is very stronger and more attractive is due to the quality of the wood and durability it provides.

  • Skateboard deck

Best Skateboard deck come in many sizes from 6 inches wide to over 10 inches wide according to measured by the width of the board. It is available according to size variant mini, micro, mid size, and full size. Micro boards are 6.5 – 6.80 inches wide and are for kids age under five years. Mini boards are 7 inches wide and are ideal for slightly older kids (age between 6 to 8 years). The most commonly used beginning deck size for kids is mid-size, which comes under to shoe sizes 7 and 8 and utilized by the age between 9 to 12 years. Adults who are Beginners in longboarding mostly use 8 inches or wider size.

The length of the skateboard is measured from the top tip of the nose to the tip of the tail. The average length of the board is around 28- 32inches but this size length is only preferred to advanced skaters. Longboards are usually larger than standard longboards and are designed for frisking and cruising. If you need to cruise around your neighborhood, around college campus as a student, or beach, then a longboard is probably the best option for you. They provide you more stability and, because of the wide board, flat-edged wheels, can travel much faster speed than standard size longboards.

The best way especially if you buying a skateboard for your child is to read the skateboard reviews first. The longboard decks which are wider than 8 inches offer more stability of ride, while small decks offer more flexibility to perform tricks.

  • Shape of Board

The shape of the board is another important feature to consider while choosing a skateboard. There are many options to choose a longboard according to its shape, flat-cave, w-concave, asymmetric. The convex board, and radial, etc. which can help the rider perform different stunts and tricks. According to length, the board can be built with the positive chamber, negative chamber, or no camber at all. Camber is an arc in the board that has a negative or positive slope towards the trucks.

  • Skateboard Wheels

Skateboard wheels are also one of most important component of your longboard that allows you to accelerate and help determine how fast you can go. Good skateboard wheels are made of material polyurethane come in a various range of sizes, colors, and durability levels to according to your skateboard design and preference wheels are measured by both durometer and diameter. Diameter is the size of the wheel, whereas durometer is the hardness of the wheel. Both of these factors are used to measure the quality of wheels; this allows you to choose what are the best wheels to match your trucks, deck, and hardware.

  • Choose A Skateboard Wheel Diameter

The wheels of Skateboard wheels are measured in millimeters (mm). Mostly wheels range from 50-80 mm are available in a market. Smaller wheels give a slower ride, and larger wheels result in a faster one. The diameter of wheels also affects how quickly you accelerate and how perfectly you take turn and twist. For longboards cruiser, larger wheels give you the speed and balance you will need. Additionally, your weight and height can affect what size should be of your longboard.

  • Choose A Skateboard Wheel Durometer

The hardness of skateboard is measured in durometer. Most manufacturers brand use the Durometer. It is a Scale, which is used to measure 100-point scale that determines how much hard a wheel is. Higher the number of point scale, the harder the wheel will be. Some manufacturers use the B Scale, which is measures 20 points lower and allows the scale an extra 20 points for harder wheels

  • Skateboard Trucks

Trucks of the skateboard are the metal T-shaped pieces that attach wheels to the board. Choosing the appropriate skateboard trucks is an important component of choosing a longboard. If you choose not to purchase a complete and instead select each part separately, the width of your truck axle should be closely match the width of your skateboard deck. The size of trucks can be measured by the width of the hanger or axle. There are two trucks attached to Every skateboard.

  • Griping Tape Of Skateboard

Skateboard grip tape is a sandpaper-like sheet with an extremely sticky underside so that your shoe can grip the board. There is does not matter which quality of grip tape is used for your longboard. Grip tape is mostly available in black color; it is also available in clear so you can show off a company logo. Applying grip tape is the final and complete step when you go before your ride.This component uses only one time, and you will need new grip tape whenever you get a new deck, or whenever we realize its grip start to slip.

  • Skateboard Helmets

The most important protective component of skateboard and longboard is helmet and pads while you ride on it. These protect us from sudden injuries when we ride on a skateboard.

To protect your head from injuries. Make sure that you have to wear perfectly fitted helmet according to the measurement of your head. Regardless to choose a helmet brand, well-fitting longboard helmets should have protective padding, not shift around while skateboarding.

  • Pads

On other hand longboard, knee pads are essential elements of skateboarding to protecting your body from skateboarding wipeouts. Knee pads and arm pads should become more lightweight so that person can feel more comfortable while doing ride on the longboard. You can select size according to your comfort.

Amazing Benefits of Skateboarding

As we all know playing any game has many health benefits. Playing Skateboarding is one of them which even more benefits that you might not expect. It is a sport, an art form, culture, and a lifestyle and it is also considered to be an aerobic activity with many health benefits. In fact, many fail to realize the potential and panacea advantages to the body that skateboarding can bring. Therefore, we have come up with some of the health benefits and main reasons how it is beneficial for you.

  • Staying Fit and Healthy

Like any other sports game it encourages us to do regular physical exercise and put our muscles to work, like by playing it, Ankles remain flexible, and body remain stay limber while skating. Regular practice of it provide a heart-pumping correctly and boost our body stamina. It also helps to reduce fatigue and stress levels.

  • Transportation

Skateboarding is such a sports activity which is used for frisking between urban areas and an excellent way to explore it. By this, you can cruise between parks, streets, college campus and sidewalks. One of the greatest benefits of longboarding is not to worry about finding parking space for it. When you get bored or not need to use it, you can put it into carry bag.

  • Meet New People

Some skaters are most interesting, bizarre and freakish characters you’ll ever meet. At the skating parks or garden, they shared love and experience of a skating to brings everyone together. Skateboarding can bring a child closer to his/her friends, parent or even set the foundation of new neighborhood friendships. Where there is sometimes free for their friendship and enjoyed together. Longboarding can create a healthy relationship between generations and different social backgrounds, and help to come people together.

  • Learn Street Smarts

Despite a reputation for danger on the road, skateboarding can be much safer with the right safety equipment. Longboarding is a great way to learn traffic rules. Therefore, another importance of skateboarding is learning traffic situations and becoming more aware of your surroundings. It gives us the experience of driving like vehicles from a young age and teaches us how safer driver you can become.

  •  Skating’s Cool

Most of the kids, the idea of riding a skateboard has nothing to do with staying healthy, follow traffic rules and exploring the city. Most of all, skating is cool, Skateboarding can offer respect and acceptance, it is not just a sport or not a hobby, it is an entire lifestyle.

  • It’s Fun!

Regardless of the other benefits, we can say that longboarding is a major part fun and frolic. It is an outdoor activity which is a full of joy. Each ride gives a new experience, of exploring our surrounding in a different manner while riding. For some, skateboarders it gives a chance to them to show their creativity and innovation.

  •  Improves Coordination

Skateboarding involves a lot of coordination between your arms, feets, legs, and eyes. As more as you practice this game the better, you’ll get in this. Coordination and precision are used throughout your life, whether you play skate or performing any activity. When you improve these qualities, you can better achieve in other activities like skating, swimming, driving, or any multitasking.

  •  Pain Tolerance

Small pains and injuries like Bruises and bumps Scrapes and scars are minor things when you ride on skateboarding. You can never forget about them when you sometimes fall during handrail and kickflip every time. We fall we get up with full determination without realizing of minor injuries and pains. So longboarding teaches us to tolerate pains and injuries.

  • Stress Relief

Any physical exercise and activities are excellent for relieving stress and give happiness, but especially skateboarding is game which is very fruitful in stress and gets rid of it. Also, skating helps you bring more enjoy, fun and happiness when you are alone.Skating is one of the most productive things you can do for your mind, soul, and body.

  • Build Muscles

Skateboarding requires a high level of coordination and balance of body, which works muscles together in your body. You can get a good workout by while playing longboarding in one direction. Performing skateboarding stunts increases the demands on your muscles because they require multiple parts movements in rapid succession. By doing this, there is need some physical skills, which in rapid turn off several muscles, and it provides strength to various core muscles like your abdominal muscles, back muscles, muscles around the pelvis, muscles of hips, lower legs muscles and feet and ankles muscles. And after regular play with skateboarding, there is no need to join him and to pay substantial fees there.

  • Burn Calories

Cardio exercise, such as skateboarding and, can help you burn that stubborn fat that you’re carrying with your belly. Skateboarding is an efficient game to consume a large number of calories in a relatively short span of time; this is excellent exercise if you’re trying to reduce belly fat

weight can be loose depend on factors how much calories you take and how much calories you are burning by playing. To lose fat depends on the number of calories you burn is greater than the number of calories you consume from drink and food. A 70-75 kg weight of the person can burn about 400- 500 calories during 60 minutes ride of longboarding, while a 90 kg weight of the individual will burn about 690 calories in that same time interval.

  • Flexibility

There are many other workouts involve when we are playing skateboarding. When you skate, you’re each, and every body part moves in the different direction. You are moving your legs, feets, and Your arm movement helps to maintain the balance of your body when you twist your body.

 Level of Skateboarding

Your level of experience is identified you how much you have learned any sport and how long you are practice in that sport. Skateboarding is one of them a game which is categorized into following categories which describes what is the level of your in this game and how perfectly you are riding on this.

Good Skateboards


It is most exciting and challenging step when a person or child participate and enters in skateboarding. If you are a beginner in the longboarding, and you have not yet spent too much time on it but you are ready to buy it keep in mind try it from basic rides. Your starting should be an easier find a wall, hold it with your hands try to move some minor distance and try to make balance on your board as you ride. As you become perfect in small trips, go to the flat surface and try to ride on that without holding anything on hand and try to do some technical rides. When you take short moves, you can also try it within your home or lobby. If you are a beginner in this, you are recommended to Start with a complete skateboard, cruiser, longboard and properly wear knee pads and helmet so that you can protect yourself from major injuries.

In this level, you feel more comfortable on your skateboard than beginner level. By now you can start to try work on more technical moves and rides. Either it’s dropping in on a ramp, or you are in learning the process, your goal is to master the basic techniques that lay the foundation for harder tricks. In this level, you can try to take a move from the downhill slope. In this recommended to take some chances with different wheels and trucks see how those impact your skating and by doing this you will learn to face with some new problems that will help to improve your skills.

In this level, you have learned all basic techniques very well, and you can perform difficult stunts, and now you become an expert skater. At this time your focus on the to learn some bigger and dangerous tricks like downhills tricks, worse tricks. Whether you’re in the street, park, college campus, pipe, pool or your favorite skate spots, you feel yourself a legend in this sport.

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Style Of A Skateboarding

A skateboard style refers to a person how they ride on a skateboard. Longboard styles are divided into two different categories:

  • Skateboarding to perform stunts and tricks
  • Transportation and cruising to a person one place to other

Skateboarding style depend on longboards, trucks, and wheels are often designed for use on various surfaces and to perform a type of tricks.Styles of skateboarding influenced by some factors including music technology, sports game, mass media, corporate influence and longboarder skills level, etc.

Vert Skateboarding

Vert skating is also commonly called bowl skating or pool skating. It involves skateboard riders move from the horizontal surface on the ground to the vertical on an inclined plan to another ramp to perform tricks.It is also referred to as “tranny skating.” Vert tricks skating is about big air, sick style, and high speed. In this skaters usually prefer larger and wider longboard deck size to feel more stable at higher speeds.

Street Skateboarding

Street skateboarding a style of skateboarding in which longboarder focuses on tricks to divert attraction of public toward itself. This style of the skateboarding rider performs in handrails, benches, stairs, skate parks, etc.In this, some tricks require lots of patience and practice to learn it like in round shape technique the longboarder flip more naturally its body in the air during technical flip tricks.

Longboard Skateboarding

Longboarding skating style is very different than all other skating styles. In longboard style the design of board allows the rider to take a more fluid ride so that skaters making wide. Longboarding is a great source of transportation, in downhills, cruise around town, college campus, etc. but it is not designed to perform the tricks typical street skating. Best longboards come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes

Cruiser Skateboarding

A cruiser skateboard has a classic deck shape with a kick-tail on the back. A cruiser skateboard can be long or short, but is made for straight ahead cruising. Many cruiser longboards are long boards. Best Longboards generally measure 33 to 59 inches long while the width varies from 9.0 to 10.0 inches. There are a number of shapes for longboards, such as pintails, flat-nose riders, drop through decks, drop decks as well as longboards with the same shape of standard skateboards. For instance, pintail longboards permit looser trucks and larger wheels which make for better carving or a “surfing” feel. Drop decks and drop throughs allow closer to the ground, hence a less gravity which increases stability and allows these boards to support more high-speed downhill riding. Mid-length boards, 37 to 50 inches, are the most versatile.

The greater weight and bulk they have make them less able to do skateboarding tricks, but this does allow for fluid motion. The perfect longboard’s design allows for big turns and quick short carves similar to the motions of surfers or snowboarders. Longboards have all the same parts as any other skateboard although the parts generally have different dimensions and the wheels are softer, which gives the longboards a much smoother, quieter ride than a standard longboard.


From the above mentioned skateboard reviews, you can choose the top longboard which suits your needs and make your skating style different. If you are a brand lover, you can also make the selection from the best skateboard brands before buying the perfect longboard.

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