15 Best Skateboard Shoes For Skateboarding In 2019 – Reviews & Comparison Chart

Are you looking for the best skateboard shoes? In this guide we will discuss about 15 high quality sneakers shoes for skateboard and longboard which anyone can use. We have prepared this guide with top 15 skateboard shoes reviews & with lots of research, testing and after analyzing it—you will be able to decide which beginner skateboard shoes you need to choose.

There’re two kinds of products we will discuss: Vulcanized Skate Shoes and Cupsole Skate shoes. Both are famous method to manufacture premium level longboard shoes.

Best Skateboard Shoes Comparison Chart

  • Vans Unisex Old Skool Classic Skate Shoes
  • Rubber & Rubber sole
  • Made in USA 
  • Comfort And Durability
Osiris Men's Protocol Skate Shoe
  • Osiris Men's Protocol Skate Shoe
  • Synthetic & Rubber sole
  • Imported
  • Lightweight Padded Tongue And Collar
DC Men's Trase TX Unisex Skate Shoe
  • DC Men's Trase TX Unisex Skate Shoe
  • Canvas Fabric sole
  • Imported
  • Wraparound Midsole
Globe Men's Sabre Skate Shoe
  • Globe Men's Sabre Skate Shoe
  • Leather/Synthetic & Rubber sole
  • Made in US
  • Integrated Inner Sock For Ankle Support
Globe Men's Tilt Skateboarding Shoe
  • Globe Men's Tilt Skateboarding Shoe
  • Leather/Synthetic & Rubber sole
  • Made in US
  • Ultimate Grip & Flex

15 Best Skate Shoes Reviews of 2018


Old Skool by Vans

Old Skool is one of the best shoes for skateboarding available in the market that comes with several features. Designed with vulcanized technology and canvas material on the top—Old Skool provides you the best comfort and fit you ever needed for a skate shoes. In addition to that outsole is made with natural rubber which is already a relaxed platform for your feet.

Best Skateboard Shoes


  • Use it for both skateboard and daily purpose.
  • Vulcanized method helps you to maintain a good grip over the board.
  • Original product from Vans
  • Available in several colors.
  • Long lasting product.

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Osiris Men’s Skate Shoe

Osiris is multipurpose men’s shoes designed for skateboard and lifestyle usage. It is made with pure synthetic and robber sole at the bottom. The good thing about Osiris Men’s is—the sturdiness of the product. Even though the product is quite lightweight but it is sturdy and can be used for long period of time.

Skateboard Shoes Reviews


  • A high-quality and stylish footwear for everyone who love skateboard.
  • Available in several colors and sizes.
  • It has rubber sole that maintain grip over the skateboard and provide durability.
  • Not easily damageable

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DC Men’s Unisex Skateboard Shoe

Whether you’re a beginner or pro, kid or adult DC Men’s Skateboard shoe is everyone. DC is one of the most prominent shoe manufacture brand in the world that makes the top notch shoes. The latest pair of sneaker is quite inexpensive and easily available in several colors. And the good thing is—they fit absolutely fine and not at all loose when you wear it.

Top Skateboard Shoes For Skateboarding


  • Comfortable shoe for both men and women.
  • Manufactured with original fabric sole at the bottom.
  • 2 stars out of 5 in Amazon reviews.
  • The official DC logo is displayed on the top, heel counter, and both sides.

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CIRCA AL50 Longboard Shoe

Have you ever had any size issue with your Skateboard shoe? If yes then CIRCA AL50 is the most reliable product you can use for all kinds of skateboarding. CIRCA AL50 sneaker is a lightweight and risk free shoe that you completely fall for. This is a perfect beginner skateboard shoes that provides the ultimate grip over the board. Because the product is quite lightweight—you won’t find it difficult to use them.

Best Skate Shoes


  • High quality rubber insole.
  • The padded tongue fabric provides great relax to the feet.
  • A perfect long lasting product which can be used for years.
  • You can use it for skateboarding, casual and fashion purpose.

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Globe Men’s Sabre

Globe Men’s shoe has enough cushions to make sure that they fit you well. Cushioning is one of the primary factors when choosing any skateboard shoe and Globe Men’s don’t overdo this in its shoes. The ankle support technology also makes you feel secure while riding the skateboard wearing these shoes.

Good Quality Skateboard Shoes


  • High quality multi-purpose shoes that serve your need.
  • Airbags support on the heel.
  • The padding cushion provides extra support to feet.
  • Available in 13 different colors.
  • It has received 4.2 stars on Amazon rating.

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Vans Men’s Sk8-Hi

Sk8-Hi is one of the best shoes from the Vans. It is manufactured with synthetic leather, canvas and suede at the top. Currently recommended by many pro-skaters Sk8-Hi is the favorite skateboard shoe for most of the people. In addition to its design, quality and comfort—the perfect is the boardfeel. Because it is a vulcanized skate shoe with fewer cushions you get more comfort and proper grip with skateboard.

Best Longboard Shoes Specification:

  • Highest rated product on Amazon with 4.6 stars out of 5.
  • Perfect fit for both men and women.
  • Multipurpose shoe that can be used for many occasion.
  • The insole is made with soft rubber.

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VANS Men’s Atwood Skate Shoes

VANS Atwood is popular shoe pair from Nike that comes with several features. It is a grey and white shoe manufactured with suede material which makes it the good durable product. Because Vans is already known for the quality, durability we won’t get into the details of that. The other that I liked about this shoe is—you can use it for casual and skateboard both.


  • Performance wise great.
  • You can do different kind of skateboarding with this pair.
  • Lightweight shoe with padded tongue and soft cushion.
  • Double stitching makes this product more secure and protected.

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Osiris Men’s Relic Skateboard Shoe

Another classic skateboard shoe from Osiris—Osiris Men’s Relic is super comfortable shoe for kids and adults. It is a lightweight shoe manufacture with nubuck and synthetic material and provide ample cushion at the top. Currently Relic Skateboard Shoe is available in several attractive colors that can add an advantage to your skateboarding life.

Skateboard Shoes Brands Specification:

  • It will give you long term durability.
  • Padded tongue on the shoe provides extra support.
  • Shoes are Sturdy and comfortable.
  • Osiris is also abrasion resistant from damage.
  • Premium level design and style.
  • Positive reviews on Amazon with 3.8 stars.

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Lakai Griffin Skateboard Shoe

Lakai Griffin shoe comes with several features such as great comfort, style which makes it good quality skateboard shoe than other. Because this skateboard shoes brand was founded by pro Skateboarders you get excellent quality of the shoe. And they only limited shoes for each model. In addition to that Lakai Griffin is a lightweight product with great construction and clean stitches.

Skateboard Shoes Ever


  • Perfect shoe for casual wear and skateboarding.
  • High quality shoe insole which is easily removable.
  • This is not bulky shoe and you will find it much comfortable with skateboard.
  • Available in black, white, grey and tan suede.

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DC Men’s Trase TX Unisex Skate Shoe

DC Men’s Trase is a blue color low-top sneaker from DC. It is manufactured with suede material and natural rubber sole that give you a comfortable feel. This is perfect skateboard shoe for those looking for an excellent and stylish sneaker. Right now this product has received 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon and only few products are left.


  • An easy to use skateboard shoe that also has high quality and boardfeel.
  • It has long term durability of 2 to 3 years.
  • Suede material makes it easy to perform tricks, downhill skateboarding, and flip.

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DC Women’s Heathrow SE Skate Shoe

DC is a vulcanized skate shoes made with premium quality leather and synthetic material. It has Fallen symbol on the left side of the shoe which gives classy look to the shoe. And it also has the DC brand name written on the heel. One thing that make is a better skateboard shoe for everyone are lightweight, padded tongue, and breathable comfort.


  • Pattern based low-top shoe with stylish look.
  • Use it for casual and skateboard purpose.
  • Cushion insole and tongue is also quite comfortable.
  • Available only in black color.
  • 4 stars out of 5 on Amazon rating.

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Etnies Marana

Another vulcanized technology based skateboard sneaker designed for kids and adults. The pair comes in several different colors of range and fit—you can choose any of them that are comfortable to you. Etnies Marana is a casual and stylish shoe which gives you an awesome feel when you are on skateboard. It is made with synthetic material and has natural rubber insole.

Skateboard Sneaker For Kids & Adults


  • Made with synthetic and suede.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Durable shoe that is stylish and comfy.
  • The size fits pretty well for small as well as large feet.

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Herman G6 from Emerica

Herman G6 is a lightweight vulcanized shoe manufactured by Emerica Inc. Vulcanized technology gives this shoe a better grip and boardfeel over the longboard. It does not have extra cushion like in case of Cupsole skateboard shoe. In addition to that Herman G6 is quite comfy, stylish and casual wear shoe which anyone can use.

High Quality Cupsole Skateboard Shoes


  • Low-top shoe that provide ultimate support to your feet.
  • The shoe has double stitching on the midsole, vamp and quarter.
  • Inside rubber sole is made of natural material.
  • Manufactured from leather, textile and rubber.

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Globe Men’s Skateboard Shoe

Globe Men’s Tilt is a cool skateboard and longboard shoe designed for everyone. You can use this shoe for daily wear and skateboarding. Though the product is made with synthetic material but it has padded cushion sole and padded tongue. Globe Men’s Tilt is available in almost all the size and you can choose the one that fits you well.

Globe Men’s Skateboard Shoe Review


  • The shoe has triple stitching on the toe and vamp.
  • It doesn’t blowout like other sneakers.
  • Quite sturdy construction.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Globe logo on the toecap and Globe written on left side which looks pretty stylish.

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Relic Skate Shoe

Relic is designed by Osiris, the best rated skateboard shoe brand. Whether you’re kid or adult Relic provide the right fitting and comfort. It has natural rubber insole that give you support when you use it on skateboard. Osiris also claims that the latest pair is abrasion resistant means ability to free from the damage and blowout. I personally like the stylish design, soft laces and cushion tongue that assure you the comfort.

best rated skateboard shoe brand Specification:

  • Double stitching makes the shoe more sturdy.
  • Relic is great for long term use.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Perfect fitting for everyone.

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How To Find The Top Rated Skateboarding Shoes

If you’re just starting out your journey with skateboarding—finding the right kind of skateboard or longboard can be difficult for you. There are several skateboard shoes brands existing in the market but that’s not the only thing. Knowing the skateboarding style in advance will give you a clear path toward your first shoe.

  • Durability

Durability is an important factor while choosing the perfect quality skateboard shoe because if the shoe doesn’t last for at least 1 to 2 years—there’s no point to invest in those shoes. And that’s why you need to make sure that you’re buying high quality low top that provide the best performance, style and can last for years.

  • Outsole of Skate Shoes

Outsole is the bottom of the shoe which is in direct contact with skateboard. It helps your shoe to resist from the abrasion. Natural rubber outsole provides better traction over the ground that’s why most people chose rubber over leather.

  • Stability

Mid-tops shoes are always good when it comes to stability. They provide you more support and balance than high-tops shoes. Street skateboard is not easy as it seems they require lots of practice to master. And having a good skateboard sneaker that help you balance, provide enough comfort to ride is a perfect deal.

  • Upper Build

Another thing increase the durability of skateboard shoe is upper layer. Most shoes come with 2 or 3 upper layer which not only provide extra support but also help you maintain a grip within the shoe.

  • Impact Absorption & Cushioning

There are several kinds of tricks, flips and stunts you with your skateboard. And it does cause injury often times when you do it wrong or because of high pressure.

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Benefits Of Wearing Skate Shoes

  • Protection From The Injury: The major reason to wear skate shoes is to protect you from an accident.
  • Flexibility: Flexibility is one of the many thing that help perform different kinds of skateboard tricks with ease. If you don’t wear the shoe you can’t maintain the grip on the board that’s why people wear sneakers shoe while skateboarding.
  • Strength: Riding a skateboard require skills, practice and most importantly strength to push it through. You put one foot on the board and another to push it from the ground to move ahead. And this requires a lot of strength to do it.

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We hope this guide will help you to choose your best skateboard shoes in less time. Before you buy the skateboard shoe—make sure that you remember main points such as: Style, longevity, design, comfort etc.

If you still have any doubt please let us knows in comment and we will help you the select the top ranked shoes for skateboarding.

  • Comfort & Impact
  • Does it fits well and great board control.
  • Vulcanized are slightly lighter and slimmer and not bulky
  • Cup sole are good for jump and stuff.

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