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Drift skate comprises of two components, i.e. two aluminum plates coupled with two other pair of rigid quality polyurethane wheels. It made in such a way that the dual self-sustaining aluminum skate that linked to the rider’s body which is architecture for downhill-uphill rides or pool and parks. With its help, the rider can quickly get over with an “S” curve on a downhill.


  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • Item Weight: 1.76 pounds
  • Designed for road Drift, workout
  • Item Weight: 3.17 pounds
  • Designed for Downhill, uphill or even in pools and parks
  • Item Weight : 3.2 pounds
  • Two independent plates, portable
  • Item Weight: 3.4 pounds
  • Extended range of Replacement T-Springs available
  • Different Weight For Different Sizes

Best Rated Freeline Skates For The Drifters

Black Roller Road Drift Skates

The black roller road drift skate is a dual self-sustaining skate that is designed for an outdoor sport mostly practiced by youngsters in various parts of the world and is trending nowadays.


  • Aluminum material used with a wheel dimension of 70*42mm detailed with frosted decals and size of 15.5*3cm
  • Constructed with a pair of superior quality PU tires
  • The dual self-sustaining skates connect to the body of the rider
  • Designed and manufactured for road drifts and specific workout
  • A good amount of traction could achieve with these drift skates which easily helps to carve “S” turns
  • Another added feature of these skates is that it is lightweight and is toughened and durable manufactured product.


It’s a good value for money and works pretty amazingly fine. It takes some time to get familiar with it but once the buyer gets the hang of it then it is just amazing, and it’s worth every penny spent on the skates, and the buyer then keeps sliding on it from one corner to the other.

Green Portable Roller Road Drift Skates

It’s a skate that provides a whole new skating experience. It’s ridden in the same manner a skateboard or snowboard is surfed. With every turn taken by your body, you will move more confidently at a higher pace. The compact built design of the skate is at a lower level to the ground which enables better turning capability of the board.


  • Fitted with two aluminum plates and is coupled with a pair of supreme quality polyurethane (PU) wheels.
  • It constructed with self-sustaining aluminum skates that bridged with the rider’s body just like a skateboard, surfboard etc.
  • Architecture in such a manner that it could handle functions like road drift, workouts etc
  • These free line skates can be used to obtain high traction and perform smooth “S” turns
  • Needs to follow the strict foot position command on the box.


Worth every penny spent on it, and it is not easy to use the product, as it requires some time to get used to it. But once you get over with it, there will be no stopping you as having control over it is a fun thing to do as well as it is challenging on the other hand which makes it a much better product to go.

Drift Skate Plates with High-Quality Pu Wheels ABEC-7 Bearings

Free line skates can explain as the product which designed and manufactured in such a way that it can give a feel of skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, and inline skating all mixed up in one particular skate which is termed as best free line skates in the market.


  • Comprises of two self-reliant plates which showcase expansion of the technological development.
  • Needs more accurate and precise skating skills.
  • They are pack along with the decals on the surface which avoids slipping, turning the product a much safer to use skates.
  • Delightful to carve an “S” turns while going downhill.
  • Need to be entailed about the foot position direction on


It’s the best pair of free line skates which is entirely legit; also it comes with a pretty low height ride so that the riders who have a slightly larger foot could lean with intense pressure. The plate fitted with a smaller one that equipped with an original free liner.  For this price, it is a good deal to go with whatever suits your need.

Drift Roller Skate Skateboard Pu Wheels Aluminium Surface

The drift roller skate skateboard PU wheels is a stylish disassociated pair of roller skates which is durable and fitted along with mighty fiction of force coupled with an iconic classically designed outlook with a variety of color for young and active people interested in skating sports.


  • Ability to take smooth “S” turns at a higher pace as compared to other skates
  • Fitted with two self-sustaining plates which are portable
  • Requires more time as more professional skills, so it’s hard to get a roll on.
  • Decals are frosted on the surface make skating much safer


It will consume more time to learn skating on it as compared with the other skates, but one could get the hang of it and obtain a new learning experience which makes it the best drift skates. The skates build quality is really of excellent and durable quality and comes along with thick and sturdy wheels. The skate has soft padding at the top which provides comfort with the firm grip which prevents the rider from slipping, and the tires roll pretty smoothly, so it is a plus point to buying the product. The best freeline skate reviews can obtain on

Geospace Air Kicks Anti-Gravity Running Boots

The design of the GeoSpace Air kicks will force you to step out and burn some calories and the new-uniquely designed air kicks fitted with a jumping Jax technology which works on the heavy duty rubber T-springs to captivate and convert downward energy into less impactive strides that prove to be gentle on the ankle, back, and knees. The best place to buy free line skates is simply


  • Various sizes available depending upon the weight of the user
  • The improved, a new and broader boot designed in a cushy manner for better comfort
  • The new Air Kicks come along with an adjustable to fit design that covers almost any shoe size.
  • Air Kick is patented and powered with the JUMPING JAX technology which uses the heavy-duty rubber T-springs which converts the downward energy into low impact and long strides


It comes with excellent quality for the prices paid with superior quality straps. It’s fun to use the product and helps to strengthen leg muscles and muscle coordination. They are built in good quality as it’s adjustable with most of the athletic shoes that are to wear on top of that.

Portable Roller Road Drift Board Skates Anti-slip Plate Aluminium Truck Blue Wheel with Flash Light PU Wheels With ABEC-7 608 Bearings

These roller board skates are portable which fitted with an aluminum solid blue wheel which features polyurethane toughened wheels with 608 bearings and is a quite decent product that is loved and in the trend these days just because of the shiny blue truck tires which are fitted with a LED flashlight making it catchier to the eye.


  • Fitted with high-quality PU wheels which is in a count of two along with two other aluminum plates
  • The dual self-sufficient aluminum skates are connected to the rider as and when he moves to minimize the lowest chances of getting slipped off the skates.
  • The skates are constructed with a view to serving functions like road drift, workout etc.
  • Such drift skates can help to acquire a good level of tractions as well as perform a smooth “S” curve
  • Manufactured with a motion-activated LED which automatically flashes when the rider is on it which has turned the product suitable for use at night


Well, it is hard to ride it which is not suitable for all age groups. Not ideal for children under 15 years of age which substantially slashes off the potential customer segment which mainly comprises of children. As it is an excellent product to be gifted, but because of its complexity in riding the children find it hard to ride while on the other hand, the flashing lights are an added feature to the product which makes it a perfect ride at night. The cheap free line skates are available on Amazon.

Pro Canadian Maple Drift Board Split Plate Skateboarding Extreme Skate

These skates can help the rider to obtain surfing, snowboarding and inline skating experience all at one place, yes it’s an entirely under one roof experience skate which is ridden in wave type motion. Similarly, it could create pace, agility, which permits an upward motion and is highly recommended to be alert if the buyer or the rider is new to the skating hood.


  • They have two wheels that fitted via a specific “truck” along with plates made up of maple PLY where even a professional may need some more practice.
  • This product adds a professional feel to it
  • Recommended if an expert in tricks
  • Nothing to be surprised if the maple board gets in bad shape after a few bumps
  • Decals are so frosted that it makes every skate a safer skate.
  • Not a free line skate but is made up of the top of the line quality, similar design and comparatively low priced.


Talking of this product, it has a got a much more professional look over the other skates as compared and appears to be much premium than others. But the thing that beautifies the product is also the same thing that kills it, that is the maple got rough and worn out or sometimes even may break off with some coarse scratches and bumps.

Drift Skate Plates With High-Quality Pu Wheels ABEC-7

The Drift Skate Plates with High-Quality Pu Wheels ABEC-7 comes fitted along with repulsion skating technology as it a tough to the core product which is portable as well as on the other hand one of the lightest of its kind hence making it the best freeline skates to get.


  • Evolutionary technology showcased along with two self-sustaining
  • Needs more practice
  • Frosted decals turn the surface to a slip-proof surface, hence safer to skate
  • The directions should be followed strictly regarding the foot positions that comes printed on the box
  • While riding downhill, it is smooth and enjoyable to carve out an “S.”


The learning curve is quite high so need to be extra careful which makes it extremely challenging than skateboarding, wakeboarding, skating, rollerblading etc. hence requires a lot of time to practice and to get familiar with it will be taking a while, overall good product in the price range.

Neon Street Rollers – Kids Clip on skates

Now your favorite pair of shoes will be even close to you as they could enhance with the neon street roller. It’s something new to roller skating. No need of holding back to traditional skates, it’s about time to upgrade. You need to adjust, strap and you’re good to go, can’t be more straightforward than that. Also, it’s tires are fitted with LEDs which turns up the light as the wheels rotate and revolve and guess what no batteries are required to get such a fantastic glimpse of LEDs on a skate.

Ideal Drift Skates


  • Start once you adjust, strap and then you are all set to rock
  • Inbuilt LEDs that light up as the rider starts moving
  • No need to change your favorite shoe, it could adjust it with these skates
  • For children of age 6 to 12
  • Handles up to 60 kgs of weight


These neon skates are beautiful with eye-catching appearance and a few colors to choose from while it is advised to take care when children using it as well as only one size is available, and no batteries are required for the LEDs to work.

Two Lions Cruiser Drift skate Pro Skates

It’s a new way in which skating did nowadays, let’s get over with old skateboards and get on with the new drift skate. It’s quite adorable and fun to use the product. With its compact design, it will never be so portable and much convenient.

Drift Skates Reviews


  • Original drift skates with stamped steel truck tires fitted with wooden deck
  • Design adapted from skate and snowboarding techniques for creating a better version
  • Quite a decent level of grip could achieve which helps carve “S” turns
  • The dual self-sustaining skates consisting of aluminum link the body of the rider for smooth movement
  • Cool trendy scrawl wheels.


One of the good things about these skates is they are petite, featherweight and portable. One could grab them and use according to comfort. It sometimes happens that paper scraps are gathered by friction which could be removed easily with a brush.

Boardless Skateboard – Black/White

The concept of the boardless skateboard is a profound concept which is self-driven transportation. It appears like a cross within skateboard, but it doesn’t require a ground push-off. Hence it makes it completely different from various other skateboards available in the market.

Top Drift Skates


  • Transportation which is self-driven
  • Maneuvers in an inborn ”wave” dynamics
  • Weighs just around 3 pounds
  • Designed in such a manner which gives it a portability feature
  • Doesn’t run on the motor either on batteries
  • Comes along with a carrying strap for portability
  • Suitable only for children who are above ten years of age


It said that it is different and unique in design which is self-driven and doesn’t run on any motors or batteries which makes it more manual apart from that it needs a lot of person-hours to get used to it and once familiar with it you will hardly get off.

Zodae Portable Roller Road Drift Skates

These skates are constructed to provide the feel of snowboarding, surfboarding, skating all under one product. It has taken up its design from skateboard and snowboard. It showcases it’s tough, flexible and durable nature.

Top Drift Skates Reviews


  • The built quality of the board is superb as it fitted with a 7A layer maple wood.
  • Its waterproof and slip resistant material makes it a mightier and much safe to use the board.
  • Comes along with a 90-day money back promise and a 24-month free warranty that covers the buyers from various issues.
  • The unique split design which differentiates it from other skateboards.


Could only be used under adult supervision and is advised to use in a much safe and sound environment apart from that it’s a portable product for carrying it along and is constructed with such superb quality maple wood material which gives it a much premium and luxurious feel.

What Makes Best Freeline Skates Different?

Free line skates are crazy. These were the words when the product was on the test phase by a tester who had tried the product for a month. What makes it absurd is how the small metal plates are fitted with a grip on the upper part along with 72mm long wheels under it. It won’t strap up the feet of the rider, and one cannot stand still on the board but keep on moving in a wave flow to keep moving.

Tips To Ride The Top Ranked Freeline Drift Skates For Beginners

  1. Calm

To get familiar with free lines it takes a pretty long time. Experts say that it depends on the individual on how much time is precisely required to learn free line skating. In some cases a person can get over with it in a day while to get familiar with it some take a couple of days or even a week

  1. Start With Tutorials

An interested rider can start with a tutorial video while searching for how to on video tutorial communities and giants like YouTube. These videos could be a real deal while someone is new to the hood and is pretty much interested in free line skating.

  1. Learn To Step Off

The aspect that one could step off a free line while on the move is a great thing, and it is as simple as that. According to the professionals, free line skates are pretty much equally safer like skateboards as one could quickly reduce the pace while stepping off them.

  1. Stay Away From Prodigious Hills

It is because on a huge hill there is hardly anything you could try to get things straight if something messes up. So it is highly recommended to skate on smooth and flat surfaces for a much better experience.

Free Line Skates – Gnarly or Gimmick?

A considerable number of similar products gets launched and gets a wrong idea of them being an innovation to the hood, but actually, they are much of if not ridiculous but stands out to be a fancy gimmick to be more precise. There are tons of more to do with free line skating like tweaks and numerous trick variations.

Free Line Skates Ride-ability

Thinking of what more can a free line do? It seems that it has no boundary of functionality and performance as it is not a skateboard neither it is like an inline skate, it is indifferent which makes it new and unique. While on it one is skating in simple words. It is like a free movement board where you could move your feet in and out to make movements. As it’s not built to stand still but are designed to run, but there are some best rollerblades, with which you can easily hold and do the skating as they have the shoes with it.

Free Line Skate’s Construction

The free line skate comes with a sound and durable design. They are all constructed with a framework of solid metal frames backed with rigid quality bearings along with tires. They designed in such a manner that they could withstand at least 1360 kgs of compulsion. The tiny square shaped plates extend with a firm grip tape which marked for left and right. These skates fitted with a generic ABEC 5s which made in such a way that it supports this sort of riding.

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