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And in today’s post, I’m going to show you what is the best brand for skateboard or longboards,

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From the glorious days of the ’80s, considering Christian Hosoi and Tony Hawk as rock star skaters, top skateboard brands have achieved diligent status. Of course, the power-packed performance by other expert skaters geared with styles and passion; the best skateboard brands have concluded them as the shining stars.

Check out the Skateboard Brands A-Z list :

Top 12 Best Skateboard Brands of 2019 With Comparison Chart

#1 Zero

Zero SkateboardPro Skateboarder, Jamie Thomas developed the Zero brand in Carlsbad, CA and has built it into one of the top skateboard brands. Though the Zero brand initially distributed clothing, it eventually evolved to boards designed to suit the need for any tricks performed. The Zero team comprises of a close group of skateboard professionals that have turned their passion into a skateboard company dedicated to providing the latest in skateboard innovation and helped Zero Skateboards become a fantastic skateboard brand. Zero boards are great for maneuvers, stability and especially grinds, with their specially designed features. Their innovation and high-quality designs have made Zero Skateboards one of the good skateboard brands today.

Zero Products Comparison Chart


#2 Globe

Globe Skateboard

Brief History of Globe Skateboard

Founded in 1994, and going strong ever since Globe is one of the top quality skateboard brands in the world. They are a global producer and distributor of skateboards and skateboarding gear; selling products in over 100 countries. Globe Skateboard is the best brand of skateboard. They are known for their purpose-built apparel, skateboard decks, trucks, wheels, etc., footwear and major surfing and skateboarding events (to name a few of their ventures). Due to their presence in the boarding industry, Globe has gradually become one of the best skateboard brands in the market.

Globe Skateboard Products Comparison Chart


#3 Punked

Punked Skateboard

Brief History of Punked

Punked Skateboards is one of the top-selling skateboard brands. With their innovative designs, quality boards and a variety of longboards and skateboards, Punked has taken all of the skateboard companies in the world by storm. Their brand has created a variety of boards for beginners, intermediates and even pros so that they always have the right skateboard for you.

Punked Skateboard Products Comparison Chart


#4 Element

Element SkateboardElement, based out of Irvine, CA, is one of the cool skateboard brands today. They came in first on our list due to their quality boards, sustainable practices and the affordability they offer customers. They’re an environmentally responsible brand who creates their boards without causing any environmental damage. The Element team behind the company comprises of a group of professional skateboarders who interact with a strong belief in the Element brand. They not only offer great products but stand for an open-minded and active lifestyle and have become one of the best skateboard brands in the world.

Element Skateboard Products Comparison Chart


#5 Alien Workshop

Alien Workshop Skateboard

Alien Workshop is a Dayton, Ohio based American skateboard company, established by Chris Carter, Neil Blender, and Mike Hill in 1990. They have gone through several ownership changes, including a period of being owned and operated by Burton Snowboards, but have persevered and become one of the top skateboard brands today. Alien Workshop has faced several hard challenges with different outcomes. However they have remained dedicated to providing high quality, yet also affordable boards and now have become a big skateboard brand from a small skateboard company. We like Alien Workshop for their innovative designs and conscious effort to make a great board, that many can afford. Their high-quality boards have allowed them to become one of the best-rated skateboard brands today.

Alien Skateboard Products Comparison Chart


#6 Birdhouse Projects

Birdhouse Skateboard

Tony Hawk and Per Welinder developed the Birdhouse Projects Skateboard Company following the decline professional skateboarding saw in the late 1980s to early 1990s. Tony Hawk gave the Birdhouse Projects name instant notoriety and made it into one of the professional skateboard brands in the world. Many skaters who have followed Hawk, have faithfully chosen a birdhouse skateboard. Birdhouse grabs the third place spot with their boards that are built to last and also provide maneuverability and for being a top-rated skateboard brand.

Birdhouse Skateboard Products Comparison Chart


#7 bLind

bLind Skateboard

Mark Gonzalez created bLind Skateboards in 1989 and shortly after initiated a pro team for his skateboard brand. The bLind brand is known for higher durability due to their innovative features. The boards released by bLind are developed and marketed for hardcore skaters and top other skateboarding brands. We like that bLind goes all out providing one of the most active boards out there, and without sacrificing the flex needed for tricks. They also do it all with a sick style and an innovative business plan that has made them one of the top skateboard brands.

BLind Skateboard Products Comparison Chart


#8 Enjoi

Enjoi Skateboard

Rodney Mullen and Marc Johnson originally formed Enjoi Skateboards, one of the most innovative skateboarding brands. With the help of other professional skateboarders, they created the infamous “A-Team,” a group of skateboarders representing Enjoi. They have seen many changes over the years and have said goodbye to many great members of the Enjoi team. However, the one consistent trait is that they have continued to stand behind their signature panda boards, which are unique to other skateboarding brands. This brand is an all-around good brand providing quality boards great for beginners, which makes them an excellent skateboarding brand.

Comparison Chart Of Enjoi Skateboard Products


#9 Plan B

Plan B Skateboard

Plan B originated out of Irvine, CA and was initially created by skating pro Mike Ternasky. Unfortunately, Ternasky was involved in a car accident in 1994 and didn’t make it. The Plan B team and the boards that have emerged as his legacy to become a top skateboarding brand. Though the Plan B team had to take some time off, to mourn and regroup, they have returned with a vengeance and have become known as one of the top skateboarding brands. We like Plan B because of the customizable element they bring to the skateboard market and their flexible decks that stand out above other skateboarding companies.

Plan B Skateboard Products Comparison Chart



#10 Powell

Powell Skateboard

Powell Skateboards is one of the original skateboard companies who dates back to 1978 and who has consistently been a top skateboard brand. If you or someone you know skated in the 1980s, chances are it was on a Powell skateboard. Though Powell had a short-lived split between co-founders, George Powell, and Stacy Peralta, they regrouped to produce “top of the line” skateboards under the Powell Classic name and succeeded in becoming one of the most successful skate companies. Something stuck through that split, and they made a list for the clear understanding of the fundamentals of a quality skateboard and quickly became a perfect quality skateboard brand.

Powell Skateboard Products Comparison Chart


#11 Toy Machine

Toy Machine Skateboard

Toy Machine is an Ed Templeton company and one of the best skateboard companies of its time. Ed is an Orange County original skater and developed the board he wanted to skate on, thus creating the Toy Machine Brand. Though the Toy Machine team has seen many changes, it has always held onto professional skaters that can provide insight into the latest needs of boards. Toy Machine skateboards are known for their signature monster graphics, which have made them a top skateboard brand.

Toy Machine Skateboard Products Comparison Chart


#12 Zoo York

Zoo York Skateboard

Zoo York originated in 1993 and based out of New York. Its name and the nature name came from the underground subway tunnel dubbed as Zoo York. The tunnel runs under the Central Park Zoo, however it,’s primarily known from the graffiti subculture of the 1960’s and the 1970’s. The Zoo York tunnel was a prime hangout of its day and was originally tagged by some of the first east coast graffiti artists. Zoo York carries a unique style from the subway tunnel days, and it comes through in their graphics and street skating designs; not to mention their high durability design. They round off our list of the 10 top skateboard brands in the market. Zoo York is an innovative company that has worked its way up to being one of the best skateboard brands in the world.

Zoo York Skateboard Products Comparison Chart



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Factors To Consider While Seeking The Best Skateboard Brands of 2019

A Maplewood board embellished with polyurethane coating can hardly describe the liveliness of the game combined with the names of professional skateboarding brands. Considering, skating as mere sports equipment can divulge you into a wrong dimension. We believe whether you choose among the professional and impulsive skateboard shoe brands or best skateboard deck brands, commitment towards the sport can make you rule the ambience.

Let us not focus on the skating companies, as, we actually believe, your passion and inclination towards the sport flaunts your identity. Of course, you can find myriad availabilities of skateboard companies associated to some of the best skateboard brands, but the passion for the game remains uncompromised.

Well, independent skateboard brands, like Birdhouse skateboards or Blind Skateboards are prevalent. The DIY factor over the various skateboarding brands of, course, acquires attention for the beginners in skating. But, for intermediate and expert level jumps, the names of best selling skateboard brands rule the market. Everyone considers the top 10 skateboard brands, but we have explained the top 12 skateboard brands for you. Why do we consider these top 12 skateboard brands? Well, our inclination lies in quality and efficiency. Whether, you belong to the beginner or expert level, whether you seek for the skateboard shoe brands or skateboard deck brands, we are here to assist you.

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How Do We Define Good Skateboard Brands?

“Skate well and look nice”! Our skateboard brands a-z list comprises of names diligently serving for years and competently showing expert results. Considering the price of skateboards as last benchers, we let “your efficiency” to rank the best in the race. Adding funk with fashion, our top skateboard brands list serves a mere embellishment to rock your performance. Available in vibrant hues and funky designs, we deal with skateboard brands performing the best in the industry. You can also choose the best skateboard according to your choice, in which we have explained all the top selling skateboard reviews for you.

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