15 Best Skateboard Backpacks Reviews Of 2019 – Top Picks & Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best skateboard backpack? A perfect skateboard backpack is similar to a two-strap like a school backpack that helps you carries all your books, wallet, lunch box and other stuff with ease. Just like school bags – skateboard backpack has two side pockets, iPad storage pocket, and internal and external compartments. So why not people go with a high school backpack instead of a skateboard shoulder bag. The catch is – skate backpacks are quite sturdy, provide much space, and come with a built-in skate hanger. Their straps are much stronger than ordinary bags which allow you to carry all your sports equipment like gears, accessories, helmets etc.

Comparison Chart Of Top Rated Skate Backpacks

Mohave Skate Backpack With Straps and Laptop Sleeve
  • Mohave Skate Backpack With Straps and Laptop Sleeve
  • Straps and Laptop Sleeve
  • Made in USA 
  • 18.5" x 11.5" x 13.5" Inches
Eastsport Multi Compartment Skater Backpack
  • Eastsport Multi Compartment Skater Backpack
  •  High Density Padded Straps
  • 100% Polyester
  • 19" x 13" x 8.5" Inches
Everest Grip Tape Skateboard Backpack
  • Everest Grip Tape Skateboard Backpack
  • Dual Hook & Loop Straps 
  • 100% Polyester
  • 12" x 6.5" x 17" Inches
RVCA Unisex Push Skate Deluxe Backpack
  • RVCA Unisex Push Skate Deluxe Backpack
  • 13" Shoulder Drop & Zipper Closure
  • 100% Polyester
  • 18.5" x 10.5" x 13" Inches
Nike Embarca Backpack
  • Nike Embarca Backpack
  • Adjustable Padded Shoulder Straps
  • 100% polyester
  • 19" X 15" X 7.5" Inches
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Our Most Recommended Skate Backpack Pick : Nike Embarca

skateboard packs

The first thing that you would notice about Nike Embarca is the simplicity and the design. With a black panel on the top, grey zip control and blue back panel give it super-stylish look. You can carry this skatepack to the mall, high-school, and work and use it for sports as well. In addition to that, you also hang an average size longboard to it without making any damage to its quality.

Below List Will Help You To Find The Best Skateboard Backpacks Reviews

Read the below skateboard backpack reviews to get more knowledge about the backpacks:


Element Unisex Mohave Skateboard Backpack

Element Mohave is a multipurpose boy and girl skateboard backpack from ElementBrand. You can use it for school, college, sports or any other purpose. It has several storage compartments on inside and at the front. Not only does it help you to carry the skateboard – but you can keep all your important stuff like notebooks, pencil box, sports material and much more without any issue.

Best Skateboard Backpack


  • Front straps allow you to easily hang the skateboard.
  • Made with original polyester that guarantees longevity.
  • Padded laptop-sleeve storage space is available to keep your laptop and iPad.
  • The product is available in 16 different colors.


EastSport Skateboard Backpack

EastSport is a multi storage compartment backpack for all the age group of people. First thing that you would love about EastSport is the color pattern they have used. At the bottom of the backpack you will see EastSport logo which is quite descent. And there are three different size zippers pocket available on the front.

Skateboard Backpack Review


  • Water resistant backpack which will keep your stuff safe.
  • Extra storage space to keep all of your college or school supplies.
  • Padding is made with natural quality foam that doesn’t put too much load on your shoulder.


RVCA Unisex Push Skate Deluxe Backpack

RVCA is the good quality skateboard and longboard backpack that is available in black color. It has pretty simple design but huge space to put all your accessories. Whether you’re a student or pro-skater RVCA is nice high quality backpack for everyone. This is made with pure polyester material and provides sturdy strap technology which makes it for you to carry the longboard.

skateboard carrying backpack


  • Internal foam compartment is available for the laptop.
  • A lightweight backpack that you can use for many reasons.
  • Skateboard hanger available where you can hang the board.
  • The torso length of the backpack is 19 inch which is a perfect fit.


Burton Kilo Skateboard Backpack

Burton Kilo is a stylish camouflage design backpack that looks quite eye catching. It is a one of the flagship product from Burton Snowboards. The bag has quite a lot of space to carry most of your stationeries, college stuff, sports material and much more.

Even though—Burton Kilo is small size backpack but still won’t be disappointed with its holding capacity.

Perfect Longbaord Backpack


  • 27L internal backpack capacity.
  • 90% positive reviews on Amazon (4.5 stars).
  • This is lightweight skatepack and absolutely fine for trip purpose as well.
  • The inside stitching provide super protection and make it rips-free for a long period of time.


Nixon Men’s Landlock Backpack II

Nixon Smith has a clean and basic design top skateboard backpack for kids and adults. With only a single pocket on the front, main internal compartment and a water bottle pocket in the left side—Nixon Smith is perfect backpack for those who are looking for something more simple and unique.

Having fewer pockets inside also have an advantage—hand washing the bag is not difficult with.

backpacks with straps in front


  • Originally manufactured with top quality 600D polyester.
  • Huge space in a single pocket allows you to fit all your accessories in one place.
  • Hip-belt makes it easy to tighten or lose the fit of the backpack.


Dakine Lid Skateboard Backpack

Dakine Lid has long been in the business of building different styles of skate packs, duffle, trip bags etc. The latest Lid Skatepack is available in two patters: camouflage and blue-green combo. I personally like the blue-green pattern because it looks pretty catchy when you’re hanging the skateboard on it. Dakine is very famous and reliable skateboard Backpack Company—they understand the quality, durability, and design of a good longboard backpack.

Skateboard Backpack


  • The product has gone through multiple rip-free tests and verified for its durability.
  • Padded internal storage is available to keep the laptop safe.
  • Dakine Lid has double stitching on the front which makes more protected.


Dakine Manual Skateboard Backpack

Dakine Manual is another foremost skateboard backpack from Dakine Company. With a combination of grey and light blue color it gives a stylish look. Even though it doesn’t have laptop compartment in it but it does provide several other features that make it the most recommended skateboard travel bag in the market. For instance : 20L holding capacity, 600D polyester material, small water bottle pocket, and a clean design.

Longboard Backpack

  • Single compartment to fit all your school books, electric gadgets etc.
  • An extremely lightweight backpack for everyone.
  • Natural synthetic material makes it more water resistant.


Everest Grip Skateboard Backpack

Not everyone like large size high school bags and this is where Everest Grip gives you the best deal. The latest model comes with super quality fabric and zippers. This girl skater backpacks padding is made with soft material which makes it easy for you to carry on your shoulder. It also has a laptop compartment where you can keep 15 inch laptop.



  • Everest Grip uses double stitching on the bags which makes completely rips-free.
  • Separate laptop section available.
  • It can easily hold your skateboard or longboard without making any damage to the bag.


Nike SB RPB Skateboard Backpack

Nike SB RPB is an excellent huge size multipurpose skateboard backpack that can be used for college, trip, trekking and many other reasons. It has three small pockets inside the internal section where you can put your gear, wallet, shades, and other small stuff.

If you need a large size backpack that you can take it on your trip, gym or any other use—Nike SB RPB is fine skateboard backpack for you.

Skates Backpack


  • Padded foam straps which are essential for your shoulder.
  • 26L weight capacity.
  • The backpack is quite easy to clean.
  • This product can hold more than one longboard.


KOPACK Slim Business Laptop Backpack USB Anti Thief

KOPACK is famous brand in skateboard industry—they make world’s top class skateboard backpack which not only provide quality but also deliver longevity in its products.

The backpacks with straps in front make it much easy to hold the longboard for quite a long time without making much load on your shoulder. KOPACK has been rated 4.5 stars on Amazon reviews which make it one of the highest rated skate backpacks for all age group of people.

skate bag backpack


  • Macbook section is available.
  • Not difficult to hand wash like many other bags.
  • You can use it for school, college work and other use.


Penny Mens Slater Pouch Backpack

A small size camouflage version backpack specially design for kids and adults. The pattern printed on the top of bag gives an amazing look, with side pockets for water bottle and two front pockets. This is best mens skate backpack you can get in this category. Though it is available in many colors and pattern but camouflage is quite popular.

Note: You can’t adjust the laptop in the Penny Paradise backpack.

mens skate backpack


  • Waist Strap skatepack that doesn’t put too much load on your back.
  • Sturdy straps and foam padding to provide maximum strength comfort for kids.


RVCA Skateboard Backpack

RVCA is lightweight ultimate skateboard backpack made for several use like college, trekking, work and much more. Many skaters use RVCA as their primary choice because of the huge size they provide. RVCA make things simple for you—just take your backpack, hang the skateboard and walk around with your friends without any discomfort.

longboard skate backpack


  • The large height and depth of the backpack make it easy to carry heavy stuff like helmets, gloves, gears and other accessories.
  • Zipper covers protection available that makes zippers dust resistant.
  • It has received positive response from the Audience on Amazon. (Overall rating 4.4 out of 5)


Camel 2016 Skateboard Backpack

The complete name of the backpack is: CamelBak 2016 Snowblast. It is a premium level backpack for those love trekking, skiing, hiking and much more. Same as other travel bags Camel 2016 comes with hydration pack—an automatic water bottle system—which you can use anytime to drink water. In a nutshell—it’s a giant backpack with tons of functionalities.

black skate backpack

  • With a 21” of height, automatic zip access, and multiple layers of protection.
  • The skateboard can easily hang on the front strap of the backpack.
  • Easy to hold zip which goes from end to another and extended panel.
  • Two straps on both left & right side to provide more support.


Nike Embarca Skateboard Backpack

First thing that you would notice about Nike Embarca is the simplicity and the design. With a black panel on the top, grey zip control and blue back panel gives it super-stylish look.

You can carry this skatepack to the mall, high-school, and work and use it for sports as well. In addition to that, you also hang an average size longboard to it without making any damage to its quality.

The only thing Nike Embarca is missing is the water bottle side pocket.

skater backpacks


  • The material used to manufacture this bag is pure polyester.
  • You will not get shoulder pain due to padded shoulder strap technology.


CoolBell Backpack for Skateboard and Laptop

Finding an inexpensive skatepack which you can use for various reasons is quite difficult. And many people can’t afford a big money on a multipurpose backpack. Therefore I have included CoolBell skateboard backpack that can be used for travel, work, shopping and other purpose.

Skatepack Review


  • A charging port is available that is a big help for those who always looking for a portable charging option.
  • Two internal compartments for laptop and iPad.
  • Multiple small size internal pockets for pens, diary, wallet, and notepad.
  • Water bottle section with zipper access and safety cover.

Why Do You Need The Ideal Skateboard Backpack For You?

There is certainly nothing wrong if you don’t own a skateboard backpack. But having one will only make your life easy.

  • Space: Top quality skateboard backpack comes with huge space that allows you to keep all your sports gear and accessories in it without any trouble.
  • Go Anywhere: Backpack makes your life hands free—you can go on a trip, college, the school with your skateboard travel backpack and be comfortable.
  • Lifestyle: Having a backpack doesn’t only make you comfortable but also provide you a lifestyle. It shows that you care about skateboard and protect it from the damage.

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How Can We Choose The Best Rated Skateboard Backpack?

Buying the top-ranked skateboard backpack is as important as buying a skateboard itself. You need to make sure that the backpack you’re buying is easy to carry, comfortable and will keep the skateboard safe from the hustle bustle.

  • Is The Strap of Backpack Sturdy Enough?

There’s so much stuff to be kept in a bag such as a helmet, jacket, sports gears, and the longboard. And if the strap is not sturdy enough to hold that weight it will break within a few days.

  • Size of The Pocket

First of all, you can’t keep all the stuff in the main compartment of the backpack. Having a large size pocket will help you to store the wallet, mobile phones easily within the pocket.

  • Is The Backpack Durable?

Backpacks are a one-time investment—once purchased they can be used for years. That’s why it’s better to confirm the durability in advance.

  • What Style Do You Prefer?

Good Backpacks are available in all range from basic to standard, classy to fashionable. You can select the one as per your lifestyle and situation where you have to use.

  • Is It Budget-Friendly?

Budget is the second most important thing you need to consider after the quality of straps. There’re several high-quality skateboard backpacks available that everyone can afford.

Skateboard Backpack


Whether you’re buying a skatepack or longboard backpack, both of them serve the same purpose and both of them will help you in a different situation.

Because there are so many challenges involved in the process of selecting the best skateboard backpack most people don’t look for all the features they need.

That’s the reason, I have included quality, durability, strength and all the relevant factors in one place so you won’t find it difficult to choose – which backpack is most reliable and provide enough space to full fill your needs.

However, if you still have any confusion with making the right choice, let us know in the below comments and we’ll help you find out the best backpack as per your need.

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