Go Skateboarding Day – Ways To Celebrate International Go Skate Day

What Is Go Skate Day?


Well, the celebrate Go Skateboarding Day is celebrated all over the world on June 21st. This day has become a special day for people who love Sports. In fact, it is celebrated with passion, creativeness and it is the spirit of influencing activities all over. It is too good to be true that most of the skaters always do celebrate in their day to day life. There are many tips and tricks that will help you to know how you can very easily enjoy skateboarding. But the go skate day is very special that truly implies that they raise one day to celebrate games and go skateboarding!

International Skateboard Day

International Skateboarding Day Celebrated

All over the world the international go skateboarding day is celebrated on June 21st every year. This is declared as an official holiday of skateboarding. From 2004 this has been the same till today. Almost everyone who is interested in sports especially in skateboarding will definitely celebrate this skateboard day. With a mission to make skateboarding as the number one priority the skateboarders have come up the go skateboarding day. In this year celebrations there will be some skateboarding programs conducted in the UN official website of Southern California. People from all the parts of California gather together in order to celebrate this special occasion. It is a special occasion for the Athens who celebrate the go skating day as a special occasion.

International Association of Skateboard Companies found this day with an intention to create a platform for all the skateboarders. In these events the retailers, distributors, organiser and many more will take place. This is one of the best way to make the atmosphere more funny and create awareness regarding skateboard. This has been successfully running till today and will also be continued forever. The awareness has been spread all over the world as people started recognising it as one of the best sports.

4 Ways To Celebrate National Go Skateboarding Day

It is in fact curious to know how the go skating they will be celebrated all over the world. Here you will find four different ways how the celebrations are progressed.

Ways To Celebrate Go Skating Day

1. Get Local At Earth Cruzers Longboarding Store

You can also reach the local store where you can find all the required equipment that you can use on skateboarding. It is such a big storage where you will find all the new games. Therefore you can very easily purchase any sort of skateboarding equipments under one roof.

2. Drop In At The Duncan Creek Skatepark

If you simply visit Athens’ skatepark this could be probably one of the best places for you to experience go skating day. You will find all amazing facilities and also provide professional photographers for those who want to take pictures.

3. Visiting The Skateboard Park of Athens

The Skate Park is one of the place organised by the team in order to conduct all the skateboard events. While considering so Athens is one of the best place that is often liked by everyone. Right from the beginners to the experts everyone can visit the place. It is such a spacious park with approximately 13-foot along with the rails, steps,ramps, and many more. However it is very free to use and is therefore one of the best place.

4. Go To The North Oconee County Greenway

This is another amazing place for skateboarders where you can enjoy go skate day.  It is situated in the North Oconee County Greenway that is included with 3.75 mile concrete path which is said to be one of the perfect destination to enjoy skating. Adding to this you can also enjoy different Sports like rollerbladers, bikers and many more.


Finally, you can enjoy go skate day however you want. This is really an interesting part where you can have lots of fun and create awareness among people. This is one of the best platforms where you can show the real potential of skateboarding. Right from 2004, it has been growing its awareness and now it has started to be well recognized all over the globe. And in future as well this would be continuing giving lots of fun and entertainment. So let us celebrate go skating day and make everyone know about this special event.

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