How To Buy Your First Skates?

Skating in all its forms is fast becoming the vogue among the urban dwellers. It is a fun sport for few and an entertaining hobby for many. Youths especially kids are taking to this sport in a big way. Naturally the parents are anxious to see their ward doing stunts and tricks. They want to protect their kids from any grievous injury or accidents, with this alarming thought in mind they splurge on safety helmets, clunky shoes with extra pads. However, today’s kids will not have anything to do with such unstylish items; they want cool skate shoes that will be the envy of their peers. Click to know the types of skates.

How To Choose The Skates?

Skate shoes for kids or beginner are of two types.

1.) Quad skates

2.) Inline Skates

Quad Skates

How To Buy Roller Skates

How to buy roller skates? Quad skates and Roller skates are both the same. Quad skates have four wheels situated on the front and the back. They provide perfect balance point for the beginners who are unsure of their balance. Roller skates or Quad skates are usually done indoors. Quad skates give an impression of standing erect without buckling over. They are more traditional than an inline skate. Quad skates are recommended for kids or a beginner.

The boots for Quad skates comes in vast varieties and ranges. They are similar to ice skate boots and best online skate shop store them in dozens. You can also search for how to buy ice skates online.

Inline Skates

Where To Buy Inline Skates

How to & where to buy inline skates? Inline skates have four to five wheels in a straight line. It is hard to maintain your balance when not in motion. This makes it difficult for kids and beginners to stand still in an upright position. Inline skates can be potentially harmful for the growing kids as they can cause the ankles to buckle and the knees to turn in. It is, however, perfect for the youth. Buy inline skates only if your kid is already proficient in skating.

Inline Skating is also known as rollerblades due to its wheel arrangements. They are best for outdoor activity as they are stable and can navigate hurdles like stones, sticks quite easily.

The boots for inline skating are different from the Quad skating. The shoes for inline skates resemble ski boots with its liner and a latch.

Parts of Skates


The plate is the device that supports the wheels. They are attached to the bottom of the skate boots. Plate helps the skater to stop, execute a turn, etc.

There are different types of plates among them plastic is the cheapest.

Axis & Trucks

A skate has two trucks, one on the front and the other one in the back. They are secured to the kingpin bolts on the bottom of the boot plate. They are cushioned by rubber.

On an inline skates, a thin frame stretching from the front to back screw to the boot holds the axle bolts.

The hardness of the rubber and the grip of the bolt determine the steering sensitivity of the skates.

Whether you buy men’s skate shoes cheap or pricey, keep the basics of the skate shoes while selecting. Buy the one that has the maximum leverage with the modest price for exhilarating skating.

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