10 Tips To Step Up Your Derby Game

roller derby positions

One of the greatest difficulties which haunt the novel derby athletes is least skills testing & endurance skill. Each step involved in roller derby game is quite different. Every player will get step up in this game at different rates. There are some fruitful tips which will assist you to obtain the roster spot and become the Suzy Hot dog by nailing the position.

Top 10 Tips For The Derby Game

Select Which Position You Need

roller derby positions

Not all the jammers and blockers in derby game are similar as the team is having different skills. Know about your weakness and strengths & how it affects your position on the game track. If you are good at backward skating then you must probably fit into the brace position. If you are not good at communication then you have to work on it. See other skaters in the league and learn from them.

Practice More

You need not practice when others say rather you can practice by spending extra time on outdoors. Warm-ups are a good way to step up your skills. If you go outdoor for practicing skating then the new world of skating training will get opened up for you.

Do Not Concentrate On Minimum Skills

Rather than focusing on minimum skills, you can prefer for advancing your skills. To become best in roller derby game, it is essential to focus on advanced skill strategies. Everybody will have a thought to step up their game in a better way. For that, you have to acquire new skills to improve yourself.

Watch Live Games

Watch Live Game

Try to watch advanced level on derby games over internet or TV by spending some time. By doing so, you will able to find out numerous cons on your gameplay. The first mistake will be your standing position. You will be standing in the more upright position & are moving slower than you feel. If you do not find fault in footage then try to get a teammate to shoot your play or execute something tricky to find what can be improved further.

Fix Goals & Make Yourself Responsible

Placing your sights higher is a primary thing but what is really done to accomplish it? If you are feeling very tired during the leg day & taking a night training then it seems like you are not sticking to the appropriate plan actually. Considering steps to achieve goals like eating better, performing targeted workouts and extra cross-training is quite important. However, it is of no use when you do not stick to the goals. Try to achieve it. If not working, then try to change it up.

Evaluate Your Gear

In some cases, gear will make a huge difference. It is suggested to get coach opinion regarding the game technique prior to spending money on schwag. Some of the essential criteria to check includes of:

  • Check whether your boosts are unresponsive and stuffy
  • Check whether the nylon plate is weak for the muscular derby body and examine whether it absorbs your pushes.
  • During mastered speed-skating, your sticky wheels & safe-for-fresh-meat wide actually hold you back.

If all the options are exhausted for you then it is the right time to upgrade.

Implement Feedback

Roller Derby Feedback

If anybody like senior skaters, captains, and coaches provide you certain tips then try to make use of it. You can easily improve your skill in derby skating game. At least, you must try to do something from their feedbacks.

Getting Involved With Team

Roller Derby is known to be the team sporting and you will be a part of a team. You can talk with the people who know the game much more, discussing the games altogether, and then discussing tactics & rules of the game are considered as the great way to enhance roller derby. The best way to enhance your roller derby skill is to get stick with some of the significant roles & perform essential things with your team.

Exercise Regularly

If you stay fit then the derby games will be quite easy to do. Exercise like swimming and running will amplify your stamina level, martial arts and ballet will enhance your balance, rowing will boost up your core etc. The off-skating exercise will enhance your skating and make your body more flexible.

Eat Food And Drink Water

Sometimes you might be struggling on the skating track due to the inadequate food and water. If you want to maintain the same energy level then hydrates your body with sufficient water. If needed, you can also take supplements to increase your fitness level.