Top 40+ Sports Blog To Follow In 2018

We are fortune to live in an independent nation, where sports are a major concern. And every one of you may like playing games. Even some people might be searching to know about the best sports associated with them but could not find.

In fact, they are different types of bloggers and websites that will give you complete information and knowledge of the players. So it will be easy for you to analyze each and every sport very easily. And learn lots of interesting things about them and even experiment more about them. So what are you waiting for let’s get started.

Top Sports Blogs To Follow

If you are a football lover, then this blog is completely dedicated to you. The blog covers all the important information regarding football. You can even get useful information like the live happening of football in a stadium, reviews, pre-match status, betting and many more.


It is an amazing website which gives latest information, reports, statistics, and views about Liverpool. An appropriate choice for the champion league that gives complete detailing and links that will help you in getting connected to the other official information as well.  Like liverpool game, paintball shooting is also in fun now in day, but for playing this game , a shooter need the best paintball gun to making the game awesome.


Another blog that focuses on football as well. The best blog to explore more about football and its techniques. It provides the basic information like tactical analysis, international Football information, scout reports and many ahead. This keeps you updated with all the latest information regarding the game.


This is an amazing website that is completely committed to providing up to date information regarding football. And an interesting thing is that it is a part of Football Friends Online Blog Network. With its best blogging information, The Kop Times have been the top preferred blogger.


To enjoy the tribal football rivalries then GB Articles Blog he is the best choice. It provides branded information from all different country along with the premium leagues, tactical analysis and so on. They covered each and every analysis and is the appropriate blogger for passionate football players.


Being a digital communication website that helps to bring all the information related to Rugby in one place. One of the largest website that collects information regarding the game all over the world. And is an excellent platform to know about online and offline gaming concerns, rugby League, tournaments and many more.


Fascinated by F1 race then Talking About F1 will help you to know many more interesting things. It provides a to z information that includes racing reports, betting produce, standards and many more facilities. You can also enjoy the full seasons of F1 race. Above all, it is the best to enjoy the latest team and drive guidance.


It is another similar blog related to an F1 race which was launched in 2007. The F1 colours is all about managing world Championship leagues, Formula One Management, Formula One Licensing BV and many more. It is often measured with latest happenings and discussions regarding the game. Almost all the activities are covered in the blog that makes you know more.

Triple Double

Over the course of full seasons get a blast to enjoy the complete gaming experience. In this, the National Basketball Association (NBA) is contributed in providing interesting things including score, trading cards, football leagues and many others. You can easily test your strength and stamina with the playing abilities in the game that makes you more enthusiastic.


The Pro Bball Report is one stop place that covers all the issues concerning basketball including the Toronto Raptors. The latest news, tournaments, and all issues connected with basketball are described on the website. The anxiety of learning more about the game can make you keen in knowing every bit of information.

Duke blogger

Duke Blogger is the only best source to for qualitative news, analysis, statistics, school related to Duke basketball. The scheduled matches along with videos make a fantastic combination of Duke Blogger. When you start visiting the website you will find with an endless information that makes you get attached to the game.

Razz ball

Undoubtedly it’s one of the best fancy sports blogs that makes you well known in sports. You can sit back relax and watch basketball, football, hockey, goals, and soccer from the website itself. It is associated with many sports that give you the basic information on a timely basis.


As the name suggested you will get a jet speed information about your favorite tennis game. You can collect the information and can even shop for the best tennis accessories. Keep following your favorite tennis player also see the reviews, video on any of the tennis equipment that you would like to purchase.


The most happening tennis blogger that is simply dedicated to the game lovers. Follow the blog and you will find all the interesting things associated with tennis. You can keep watching excited tennis tournaments that give you a gaming spirit. The blog extremely influences people who are interested in playing tennis.


It’s an independent platform that is mainly specialized in providing interesting aspects about tennis happenings all over the world. An interesting thing about this website is that they even provide tours to enjoy the tennis tournaments. Apart from that, the website is completely loaded with lots of information.


Watch live and enjoy all the Tennis related information on the blog that gives latest up to date information. As it is Tennis Guru gives you all the instructions in which you can easily build up reaching the next level in the game. It is a complete package of tennis.

Golf gal

Golfgal Blog gives you each and every possibility to know about Golf if you can follow this blog. It is very simple to check out all the Golf related news collected from all over the countries. The reviews will easily help you to follow the game very easily.


It is all about cycling and if you are interested then have a look at the website. You can get lots of information related to bike fitting and bike maintenance. Get passionated about cycling by following this site, it is the best choice for you and you can regularly get updated with the latest information.


It is a new trending blog with all the information about cycling. Being a traveling website it gives you the wonderful experience of exploring different places through cycling. And it also provides route, map in order to access all the traveling features that are concerned with specific areas as well.

Merlin Cycles

Merlin Cycles was established by John Ross in 1993 and are a well known online bike store. Within the United kingdoms, it has become the leading exporter of reputed cycle brands, accessories and equipment as well. The services are offered to the clients with affordable prices and great deals. And has been successful in its field until today.


Yet another cycling website which reveals long riding stories and great adventures. Pick yourself with the strategy to learn more about best places to climb with the vintage cycling stories that boost up your energy. Above all, you can read endless stories about the cycling and much more that keeps you engaged. Like cycling you can also enjoy skating, now a day drift skates are in fashion.


A good website which gives you new post about your favorite Golf game. Never miss the chance to know about the game and reach beyond expectations. Make yourself knowledge with the information that you can find on the website. You can even have a creative experience of knowing how you can play the game.


Indeed a better way to learn Golf and get a professional experience. The website will take you through unbelievable strategic play that can help in handling the game in a more easily. You can even know the latest updates and the courses that are involved in all the aspects of the game.


If you are a passionate golfer then this website will help you in lots of ways. Get interesting golfer information, infographic, and quotations that help you to go ahead and make yourself more concerned. It’s even more interesting that you can even share your thoughts with them which helps in mutual understanding.

Golf in Phuket

This is not just a recreational traveler website but also gives you a worldwide golfing experience. Learn something interesting about the game that includes some testimonials, golf courses, and golf packages as well. It’s like a dream come true website that completely concentrates on the game giving more focus on how to make moves in the game.


Know about golf that gives you all the tournaments and lot of exciting things that keeps you focused on the game. The website is completely dedicated to the game that makes you feel awesome. It’s an amazing place for the golfer to travel and event to enjoy funny accessories.


An interesting website that gives feeds on golf. Additionally, it will give posts on aspects including golf, equipment, and golf traveling. It even gives riding courses that help you to explore all the available ways to play the game. Make yourself feel like a golfer getting feedback from the website.


This website is basically for the golf lovers in the world. This website helps in booking the tee time in the world famous Madera’s golf course where players can show their skills in the world’s most beautiful and prestigious golf course. There is also a link to buy golf equipment and to book the tee time online.


This website is made for the runners or those who like running and athletic events. The main aim of this website is to make sure that everyone can run and everyone can experience running in his or her own personal ways and means. This website provides techniques and ways to run and master the art of running with bare minimum of injuries.


This website is actually a blog about a girl who loves to run and eat healthy food, basically it directs one to lead a well-balanced life in terms of wellness and eating. In this website one can experience the joy of living and leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle by eating good food and doing physical workout.


This blog is about a doctor who is a foot and ankle expert and is passionate towards running and making people experience the joy of running by lowering their chances of injuries related to the foot and ankle. The doc claims to have cured the major injuries related to the foot and ankle with the surgeries or with some conventional measures.

AreaVoices is a unique website that focuses on the mass contributors of freelance writers, photographers, multimedia producers and others who are committed to create and produce exclusive and interesting content. The website aims to collect the content from these enthusiasts and publish them on the internet and make them well-known.

Kooky Runner

This website is also actually a blog about a young girl who is passionate towards running and connecting with people around her. This website also offers discounts and other offers on the various sports brands and other sports and running equipment.


This blog is about a girl name Sarah, who publishes her running routines, weight loss techniques and tricks and there is also an everyday dose of healthy and blissful life included in the blog that make the readers to follow the blog and read about the journey of Sarah.


If one is running enthusiast then this website is surely for him or her, as this website provides for the best and most appropriate running shoes reviews. So before buying one can actually check for the reviews for their most favourite shoes that they want to buy beforehand only.


If one is running enthusiast then this website is surely for him or her, as this website provides for the best and most appropriate running shoes reviews. So before buying one can actually check for the reviews for their most favourite shoes that they want to buy beforehand only.


This website is actually a blog about a women who publishes the ways towards and healthy and fit life and also publishes the food recipes that can make one healthy and lead a fit life. There is also beauty, lifestyle and weight loss tips and tricks and also a link for online shopping for the healthy products.

Fitness Fatale

This website is a blog about a woman who is sports and fitness enthusiast. One can find about the tips and tricks related to fitness regimes and ways of leading a balanced and healthy life. There are also links about fitness coaching, healthy recipes and some information for the pregnancy and pregnant ladies.


This website is a blog for the runners or those people who are interested in marathons and other running events. There are also links for the review of the races, shopping online for the gears of the runners and also for the special costumes for the runners and the people who are running enthusiast.

Fanspeak is website for the sports lover and those who follow their favourite sports and games very closely. Initially publishing the content related to only football It now has a domain for other games and sports like NBA, fantasy, NFL and MLB. So those who love the sport they see should follow it.

Voices of Wrestling

This website is made for the people who loves wrestling be it a pro wrestling or be it the world wrestling entertainment popularly known as WWE. It provides all the information regarding the famous and popular wrestling events and the famous superstars around the world. So all the WWE followers should follow it.


This one is most widespread and fast growing NFL blog in the world. This blogs provides the latest news, exclusive player information and also the latest and most select interviews right from the NFL field. With the increasing popularity of the game in the western world the blog meets all the demands and the needs of a NFL Fan.


This one also being an NFL exclusive website, it provides the visitors an extra insight towards the NFL game, giving all the necessary information like the interviews, player information, players’ drafts, and other select information right from the field. Besides NFL there is also a page for the WWE followers.


The website made exclusively for the lovers of the sports and games.  This website gives information on the games like MLB, NBA, NFL, NCAA FB and NCAA BB. It also helps in buying tickets for the same.


The main aim of this website is to bring together the people who loves games and sports and share with them exclusive information about their famous games and sports. It also helps in making the sports industry to expand in the era of the today’s digital age and technology.

Sports Networker

This is the number one website that helps the sports people, basically the professional ones who wanted to make a career in sports. It covers topics like sports networking, sports marketing and training and scheduling programmes for the ones who wish to seek professional recognition.


The UK’s only blogging tandem Matilda writes her Musings about her adventures trials and tribulations with her “dynamic crew” on a bicycle made for two! The blog – uniquely written from the perspective of the classic Jack Taylor tandem – features amusing tales of her adventures focusing on tourism and food & drink experiences en route in Scotland and abroad.